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Visiting WeBuzz.IM by Proxy

It seems that someone use proxy like SneakyPass ( http://sneakypass.com ) to use WeBuzz.IM web Gtalk/MSN Messenger/Yahoo/AIM services. We guess that webuzz.im is blocked by your network or *.im domains is not accessible in your network.

We test WeBuzz.IM on SneakyPass, and everything is fine. So if you do have difficulties in accessing webuzz.im, you may try . But we still recommend you to visit WeBuzz.IM services by alternative URLs, which may work for you without any anonymous proxy.

By the way, if you have problems when using other proxies, please let us know. We would like to help you. Providing better instant messaging accessibility for our services is our goal.

– We buzz together @ WeBuzz.IM

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