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Help Needed: Can You Access These Files?

We are dedicating to provide better accessibility for web IM services.Even though we have a list of servers, we still receive lots of reports saying that our servers are blocked in their networks.  Here we could like to ask you a question in order to provide you a better solution.

Can you access these files?

  1. http://webuzz.im/im.js
  2. http://java2script.net/im.js
  3. http://java2script.com/im.js
  4. http://java2script.org/im.js
  5. http://demo.java2script.org/im.js
  6. http://izuz.net/im.js
  7. http://uziz.net/im.js
  8. http://kexmail.com/im.js
  • If it is accessible, not being blocked, it will (Firefox, Chrome, Opera …) show  a page with something like:

    var isSSL = (window.location.toString ().indexOf (“https”) == 0);

    or (Internet Explorer) showing a download dialog ( you can cancel it ).

  • If it is blocked already, it will show noting or show a page saying connection reset or other error messages.

Please leave a comment, telling that all are accessible or which one is blocked. Thanks!

The better web IM solution is coming, please keep tuned!

BTW: Update v20100412 has been rolled out already.

– – We buzz together @ WeBuzz.IM .

var isSSL = (window.location.toString ().indexOf ("https") == 0);
var winLoc = window.location.toString ();
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