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Google Chrome is Supported on izuz.net Web IMs

Google Chrome was released some days ago and we found that about 3%-5% of our visitors used this new browser for our web IM servies. But those early users may meet crashing with izuz.net’s web IM services. So we decided to support this hot browser as fast as possible.

After making tons of tests and fixing all those nasty bugs of izuz.net web IM services on Google Chrome and other browsers, we just updated our web IM services to version 20080921. And Google Chrome is well supported.

And according to the testing result, we strongly recommend all of izuz.net web IM users to install Google Chrome. Here are our reasons:

  • It is much faster than any current available browsers.
    According to our tests on loading speed, here is our recommendation order:

    1. Google Chrome
    2. Firefox 3.0+
    3. Safari 3.1+
    4. Internet Explorer 7.0+
    5. Opera 9.25+
    6. Firefox 2.0.*
    7. Internet Explorer 6.0
  • It is much easier to load the web IM pages into a standalone window.
  • You can create izuz.net’s web IM “application shortcuts” on your desktop, and load it from your desktop.

Hope to hear feedback from our Google Chrome users.

BTW: Here is our web IM services list:

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