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World Wide Chatting Statistics

According to data from RescueTime, Y Combinator gave us a report about how world wide users spend their time (Sources from TechCrunch)

1. 12.44% Outlook
2. 9.55% MS Word
3. 6.60% Gmail
4. 5.42% Excel
5. 4.14% MSN Messenger
6. 3.45% Facebook
7. 2.46% Mail
8. 2.36% Visual Studio
9. 2.26% Thunderbird
10. 2.25% Google
11. 2.18% iTunes
12. 2.17% YouTube
13. 2.07% Google Reader
14. 1.94% PhotoShop
15. 1.90% PowerPoint
16. 1.79% Skype
17. 1.53% Adium
18. 1.21% Notepad
19. 1.21% Wikipedia
20. 1.19% World of WarCraft

We are interesting in chatting statistics:

1. 4.14% MSN Messenger
2. 1.79% Skype
3. 1.53% Adium
4. 1.00% Google Talk
5. 0.82% Pidgin
6. 0.52% iChat
7. 0.49% Yahoo Messenger
8. 0.41% AOL Instant Messenger

It seems that MSN wins the IM battle by this time.

And by RescueTime’s data, report said that users spent 44.6% of their time using communication services. Here is the list:

1. 44.63% Communication/Chat
2. 24.43% Office
3. 11.49% Media
4. 8.07% Information
5. 6.87% Design + Development
6. 1.48% Games
7. 3.o3% Everything Else

Well, online communication or chatting matters a lot to most users.

O, BTW: It seems AIM is less popular than other IM services in chatting battle, so less visitors will use izuz.net’s newly-provided web AIM service? OK, izuz.net’s web MSN Live Messenger should be updated with new features (last update was Aug, 2007), as it is the leading IM services. And izuz.net will also add its own web Yahoo! Messenger in coming days.

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IM Statistic Numbers

Here are some interesting statistic numbers, collected from izuz.net’s web JavaScript Gtalk service:

1. Average user has about 60 friends in his/her contacts list, while a few users have 400 ~ 500 friends.

2. About 70% of users have their avatars.

3. About 25% of users set their status messages.

More interesting numbers may be dug later.

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I Talk, You Talk, We Talk

Hi, we think that communications between people are very important for all of us, both offline and online. And instant message, including mobile SMS and PC IM, help people for a better life. So izuz.net is trying to provide free web IM services, like web Gtalk and web MSN Live Messenger, for all visitors. More web services, like web AIM, web Yahoo! messenger may be provided in the near future, please keep tuned.

From feedbacks of some users, some companies may block common IM service ports in their gateway so its employers can not use common IM services. But we think that this is a bad idea for most of the employers. We believe that communications may help employers to be more innovative and more productive. So lots of service providers are on to provide web IM service through normal HTTP 80 port, which may always be open to all. So is izuz.net.

izuz.net’s web Gtalk is unique, as it uses the same familiar UI as Google desktop Gtalk UI, which helps user to get a better experience for talking smoothly and happily. So we think choosing izuz.net as your default web IM provider is the correct choice.

This blog is setup to talk more about IM, and may mainly focus on web IM technologies. And this blog is also a place for our users to report bugs and make feature requests.

I talk, you talk, we talk. We hope we will provide you a better services.

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