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Relaunch WeBrowse by KaKooLa.com

We are very happy to announce that our KaKooLa ( [ka:’ku:la:]  http://kakoola.com/ ) service is online now.


About 3 months ago, we launched WeBrowse, a social browsing service providing funny or beautiful photos for our visitors. We embedded WeBrowse service in WeBuzz.IM homepage, so our users can enjoy those photos which are collected by millions of Chinese people.

KaKooLa is the same services of WeBrowse, but adding more. Besides photos, we add videos and text posts into the list. And a lot more posts are collected. Former WeBrowse has some thousand photo posts. And now KaKooLa has more than 100 thousand posts. And KaKooLa has a new page layout for fast browsing.

And here is our entry for different languages:

You can choose your language in the upper-corner language box.

Enjoy web browsing at KaKooLa. Have funs.

– – We browse and we buzz together @ KaKooLa and WeBuzz.IM

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Introduce WeBrowse


We are very pleased to introduce another WeBuzz service called “WeBrowse“. WeBrowse is a photo social browsing service. It is for fun. There are lots of tagged photos with high quality. These photos are already filtered by millions of Chinese people. So all those photos there are popular enough to be listed here. And we will update those photos frequently to bring you updated.

WeBrowse service’s slogan is “We browse together” and “We browse, we buzz“. We hope this service will help all our visitors enjoying himself/herself on chatting with friends while browsing beautiful or funny photos.

WeBrowse service is designed for all visitors, inside or outside China. We use Google Translate to provide our pages in 50+ languages. So no matter where you are from, no matter which language you are speaking, you can find WeBrowse pages in your familiar language. Here is a list of common language WeBrowse page:

You can choose your language in the upper-corner language box.

WeBrowse service tags all those photos, so you can browse the photos which is in your favorite photo categories.  And WeBrowse also provide most viewed photos list and best rating photo list for you to find the best photos in a much easy way, maybe one click.

Browsing funny and beautiful photos about the earth could be a lot of fun! Please join us at WeBrowse now, and give us feedback for better service.

– – We buzz together @ WeBuzz.IM

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