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Adding Web ICQ and Updating Web AIM

WeBuzz web AIM and ICQ

We are pleased to announce WeBuzz.IM‘s latest update v20090909. We add web ICQ service (http://webuzz.im/icq/) and update our existed web AIM service (http://webuzz.im/aim/).

We unplug web AIM support in last month because it made all the web IM services unstable. And now we reimplement the web AIM. And besides, we also add web ICQ support, as ICQ and AIM are in the same IM protocol, belonging to AOL LLC.

So we will add more IM supports later and making our web IM services more and more stable.

– – We buzz together @ WeBuzz.IM

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WeBuzz’s Casual CPU 100% Bug is Fixed

Some users said that using WeBuzz.IM may cause CPU 100% usage and freeze the whole browser. It happens casually but it do cause lots of inconveniences. We are really very sorry about the inconveniences causing by this bug. We spent lots of time trying to find the bug. When finding the bug, we were doing lots of improvement at the same time.

Now we are very pleased to announce that CPU 100% usage bug is FIXED. And we are rolling out WeBuzz.IM update v20090506.

We are always do our best to provide better web IM user experiences. Please give us feedback or report bugs to make WeBuzz.IM client much better.

– We buzz together @ WeBuzz.IM

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WeBuzz.IM Update 20090503

We are very pleased to annouce that WeBuzz.IM’s has updated on May 3rd,2009:

  • Much stabler on server side than previous updates, supporting more simultaneous online users
  • Support of AIM is improved: fixing incorrect status update bug and login timeout bug, adding stabler avatar supports
  • Other bug fixings

Tips: As services are more and more stable, you can leave your IM open for days. You can hiberate your computer without logging out, WeBuzz.IM client will reconnect for you automatically the next time when you restart your computer.

For more tips and updates, please visit and follow WeBuzz.IM @ http://twitter.com/webuzzim

– We buzz together @ WeBuzz.IM

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All Alternative URLs for WeBuzz.IM

WeBuzz.IM was developed from demo.java2script.org, and then izuz.net with uziz.net, and now webuzz.im. So there are lots of URLs for the web Gtalk/MSN/AIM/Yahoo! Messenger services. Here is a list of available offical URLs:

Someone may embed WeBuzz.IM client in other pages by copying index.html, *.css, *.js and images. We support them to do so. But they have to update *.css/*.js/*.html file frequently or those pages will be out of date very soon.

BTW: Some visitors report that they can not access our primary server http://webuzz.im/ . Those visitors may take some tries on the alternative URLs.

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