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We Are Updating v20090829

You may not get notified that we have rolled out several updates since last posts. So here is the feature list:

  1. Support Internet Explorer 8.0. Now you can use IE 8.0 to use WeBuzz.IM, all the UI is neat and it is a little faster than IE 7.0 or IE 6.0.
  2. Support remembering multiple user account for each IM. If you have more than one accounts in Gtalk/MSN/Yahoo! Messenger, you can login all of them with a click on a drop down list.
  3. Improving performance for Internet Explore 6.0. It seems that IE 6.0 is too slow for modern web applications. But there are lots users still using IE 6.0. We will try our best to support all those users. But we do recommend those IE 6.0 users to upgrade to IE 8.0 or change to Firefox 3.0+, Chrome, IE 6.0+, Opera 9.0+ or Safari 3.1+.
  4. Removing ads from chatting dialogs. It would leave more room for your chatting. And ads won’t attract too much of your attentions any more. We think this change would improve your chatting user experiences.
  5. Other bug fixes.

Our current version of WeBuzz.IM is v20090829.

– – We buzz together @ WeBuzz.IM

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izuz.net Web IM 20080929 Update

We are very pleased to announce our izuz.net’s web IM 20080929 update:

1. We now support avatar in MSN/Windows Live Messenger and AIM.

2. We fixed bugs on MSN and AIM, so chatting through izuz.net is much stabler than before.

3. Other UI bugs.

We are working out for other improvements of our web IM services. Please let us know what your thoughts are.


We also added some international description pages for other languages besides English:

French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Greek, Italian, Russian, Arabic,

ChineseSimplified, Chinese Traditional, Korean, Japanese

The translation is powered by Google Translate.

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