Enabling RSA Login Encryption

For your security concern about your IM account, http://izuz.net web IM now encrypts your password using RSA (512bit) algorithm before sending out your login request.

RSA is the well-known encryption for public/private key algorithm, commonly used in certificates. And HTTPS protocol is an HTTP protocol using SSL channel, which is based on RSA. Once upon a time, we recommended you to use https://izuz.net/gtalk/ for safer communication. As using HTTP protocol, all requests are not encrypted and there are chances (even though the chance is little) that someone may sniff your login request package and parse out your login account and password. Using HTTPS protocol, RSA encrypted package won’t be decrypted. So even someone may sniff your request package but will never parse out your password. So HTTPS communication is considered a safer way for web IM. But HTTPS is much slower than HTTP, as encrypting and decrypting package require more CPU times for both server and browser.

And now, izuz.net web IM supports password RSA encryption. It means that you do not need HTTPS protocol any more. Your password is already encrypted in HTTP protocol, so your password won’t be leaked. So if you only concern about login security problem, you can switch back to http://izuz.net/gtalk/ as it will be faster in both loading and chatting.

Enabling RSA encryption may cause your extra 0.1s-1s in each login, but it is important that you get a much safer web IM experience.

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