Embed WeBuzz.IM’s Web IMs in Your Site

Today, we are pleased to announce one of our new feature for our users: Embed WeBuzz.IM‘s Web IMs in your sites.

Here are two options for any of our potential users:

1. Add <SCRIPT> element to your HTML

By adding <SCRIPT> element, WeBuzz.IM’s web IM will be loaded immediately as the page is loading.

2. Add a new link to your page

Create a link with following link location (no “http://” before “javascript:”):

  • javascript:z$z=document.createElement(‘SCRIPT’);z$z.src=’http://webuzz.im/gtalk.js’;document.getElementsByTagName(‘HEAD’)[0].appendChild(z$z);void(0);
  • javascript:z$z=document.createElement(‘SCRIPT’);z$z.src=’http://webuzz.im/msn.js’;document.getElementsByTagName(‘HEAD’)[0].appendChild(z$z);void(0);
  • javascript:z$z=document.createElement(‘SCRIPT’);z$z.src=’http://webuzz.im/ymsg.js’;document.getElementsByTagName(‘HEAD’)[0].appendChild(z$z);void(0);
  • javascript:z$z=document.createElement(‘SCRIPT’);z$z.src=’http://webuzz.im/aim.js’;document.getElementsByTagName(‘HEAD’)[0].appendChild(z$z);void(0);

Using this option, web IM will only be loaded when the link is clicked. For examples:

In fact, you can copy the above “javascript:…” text and paste it into your address bar and load izuz’s web IM inside any page.

Take your try, and have your funs on web IMs.

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52 Responses to Embed WeBuzz.IM’s Web IMs in Your Site

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  3. clem says:

    * Load web Google Talk / Gtalk
    * Load web MSN Messenger / Windows Live Messenger
    * Load web Yahoo! Messenger / Y! Messenger
    * Load web AOL Instant Messenger / AIM

    i try to use the link inside of this to my website but sad to say got some error, for example i try to click

    *Load web Yahoo! Messenger / Y! Messenger



    then try to login i got some failed to connect error message.

    “Trying to Connect Server Error”

    Coz i want to embed each im to my website, can you give me the update exact script for this. Thank you and you give us a big help.


  4. clem says:

    yes @webuzz, i see that but it loaded all 4 im’s. What i want to say is just i want to embed text link just like below:

    * Google Talk / Gtalk
    * MSN Messenger / Windows Live Messenger
    * Yahoo! Messenger / Y! Messenger
    * AOL Instant Messenger / AIM

    For instance i click Yahoo! Messenger / Y! Messenger it will popup and open IM yahoo messenger.

    hope you help me and i really love this features, many thanx.


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