20K+ Users

Today, we are very excited to find out that our web Gtalk/MSN/AIM/Y!Messenger IM services already have 20K+ users, reaching out 1.2+ million friends.

Our services started from demo.java2script.org/gtalk in Aug 2007, moved to izuz.net & uziz.net in May 2008. And nowadays, we are available at WeBuzz.IM. As always, we are dedicating to build our web IM services with better security, accessibility and user experience.

Here in the beginning of 2009, we must thank all our dear users. It is your participation, your feedback and your requirement drive our web IM services to a high level. Thanks very much! Please tell us as always what you think about our services and make feature requests to make these services better and better, up to the best.

— We buzz together @ WeBuzz.IM

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11 Responses to 20K+ Users

  1. Gracias por la invitacion
    Un saludo

  2. Samantha says:

    I can no longer use this chat service due to the move to webuzz.im. My company blocks all chat programs, but I was able to use https://izuz.net/gtalk. Now, nothing works for me! Bring back a site that can work please!

  3. admin says:

    You can take a try on http://demo.java2script.org/ , which may help you.

    We will look into your problem, and try to bring back https://izuz.net/gtalk to early status as possible.

    Thanks for reporting problem!

  4. Marcelo says:

    Same problem here. Almost everything blocked but still works some.
    Is there any direct reference, in javascript load, to webuzz.im?

  5. admin says:

    What do you mean by “Almost everything blocked but still works some”?

    Will you tell more details, so we could fix your problem?


  6. Marcelo says:

    I mean, almost every site option are blocked here.
    I can access http://java2script.org/ but not http://demo.java2script.org/.
    I can access http://uziz.net/ but don’t load gtalk panel.
    http://izuz.net/ is blocked.
    https://izuz.net/ I’m not shure if it’s blocked or down, cos only Method Not Allowed apear in browser

  7. Marcelo says:

    I mean, some options like http://uziz.net/ still works but the gtalk panel don’t load.
    That’s why I asked if it has any reference to webuzz.im.
    And http://java2script.org/ seems to be ok (it load the panel) but don’t conect.
    http://demo.java2script.org/ and everything else is blocked

    ps: sorry my bad english

  8. admin says:

    We just updated http://java2script.org/ to the latest updates. We are not sure whether you can get connected or not.

  9. Marcelo says:

    I still can’t connect but thanks for your attention. I don’t want to bother you.
    I don’t know exactly what’s goin on.
    I can access http://uzis.net/ but nothing happens (links doesn’t work and no app images).
    And in http://java2script.org/ everthing seems to be ok (links ok, javascript loaded), except it never connect. It remains trying to connect forever.
    Again, you are doing a great job. This is the best online IM cliente I have seen

  10. admin says:

    Take another temporary try: visit and refresh http://java2script.org/im.js and then visit http://java2script.org/ again and try to login.

    BTW: We will try to solve your problem in these days, things should work fine on coming week.

  11. Marcelo says:

    Man, you are the one. It’s working now!!!
    Thanks a lot for your patience.

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