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In the past week of this January, WeBuzz.IM got a lot of blog review around the world.

Beside major users from India and United States, we got lots of new users from Mexico, Spain, Italy, Brazil, Argentina, UK, France, Peru, Columbia, Chile, Singapore, Philippines, and we also got lots of users from other 80 countries, reaching to about 100 countries around the world. Blog posts talked about WeBuzz.IM services in languages of English, Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Japanese, Russian, Chinese and others.

Here is a major list of posts have mentioned WeBuzz.IM ( Thanks Google Blog Search and Google Translate for helping us to track and understand those posts and helping us to gather WeBuzz.IM feedback. ):

We encourage our users to visit these sites, as we think our visitors will benefit from such a list of all these sites, learning a lot more about instant messaging, include tools, features and services. And visitors should find lots of useful tips, or interesting new features and services by reading through these sites. These sites’ jobs are worth visiting.

We are always keeping our eyes open on the IM world, collecting feedback, trying out new features, and keeping our services up to date with our rivals.

Thank all!

— We buzz together @ WeBuzz.IM

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  1. Nice service 😛 😛

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