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Better Performance

We are improving WeBuzz.IM client’s performance these days. And we just have released our 20090313 version.

IE 6.0 users may benefit from this update mostly. In IE 6.0, the client’s UI may not be responsible on mouse dragging and dropping or other operations. And the most annoying thing is that WeBuzz.IM client becomes un-operatable after logging in for about an hour. Really bad performance! Now we are very pleased to tell you that these scenarios get improved for all browsers, especially for IE 6.0.

WeBuzz.IM’s client is a little heavy on loading as it uses lots of JavaScript. The performance of JavaScript will never be good enough for us. Thanks for all those innovations on browsers, we get JavaScript performance improved a lot. The JavaScript engine inside Firefox, Safari, Google Chrome or Opera runs very fast, enough for WeBuzz.IM client to run smoothly.

But lots of our users still use IE 6.0 (about 25% of WeBuzz.IM’s daily visitors). IE 6.0 is really old ( 8+ years old), and its performance is really frustrating. Here again, seriously, we recommend our IE 6.0 users upgrading to IE 7.0, or switching to Firefox, Safari, Google Chrome or Opera, which are a lot faster.

No matter what browsers you are using, we are always making improvements for better web IM experience. You may notice these performance improvement, or you may find other bad things which annoy you, please leave us comments or file bugs. We are listening.

Quicker loading, smaller memory usage, faster UI, … , better web IM user experience are all our concerns.

– We buzz together @ WeBuzz.IM

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