Dog-Fooding Ourselves on WeBuzz.IM

We are eating our own dog food everyday, using WeBuzz.IM in our daily network life. And we find some bugs, we love some features and want to add some more .

Avatar (or profile picture) is the main feature of Windows Live Messenger (MSN). As it is known, in Microsoft’s official messenger, we have to click on everyone’s icon to view the latest picture. It’s very inconvenient for us to catch up with friends’ updates. While, WeBuzz.IM shows all pictures by default. In this case, we won’t miss any new avatars. And we like to see those familiar avatars and would enjoy new avatars coming up now and then.

Everyone likes the notification way. Most time, we do not like to be disturbed. While on internet ,we always notify some blinking titles starting with “[“, “<“, “(“, or anything else. Such useless message is not welcome , especially in working time. Don’t be worry. WeBuzz.IM can provide you a “safety situation”—no disturbution.

For bugs, clicking on the scrollbars won’t activated the messenger client, a little confusion. IE 8.0 is not well supported yet. If there more than 2 messengers are open, it seems that no enough space is left for chatting … All these bugs may be fixed or may be improved in the future.

Any others bugs? Which features do you like? What new features do you like to see in the future updates? Please report bugs or make feature requests, or just leave us comments.

– We buzz together @ WeBuzz.IM

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87 Responses to Dog-Fooding Ourselves on WeBuzz.IM

  1. eduardo says:

    hello and tried to write in the box but I can not write, can help thanks

  2. admin says:

    We will try to find the bug. Thanks for reporting problems

  3. Sourabh says:

    needless to say, its a really nice, neat site with lots of features.. keep up the good work guys 🙂

  4. admin says:


  5. pallavi says:

    Seriously its a very good website …..coz of this website i can access m all accounts and i can chat wid m all friend at the same time…bbi guys nd keep rocking …take care

  6. admin says:

    Thanks. We will do our best.

  7. vipin says:

    this is super kewl…. god knows if u can do this…but if there was invisible mode in gtalk (like chat section in gmail) then this wud be super kewl stuff man…

  8. admin says:

    We will schedule invisible mode support in the future updates. Thanks

  9. ardit says:


  10. mimoza says:

    big kiss

  11. rajan says:

    i m able to login in gtalk can also receive messges but when i reply them it comes sending failed Web Google Talk while on yahh i can chat successfullyyy please help as most of my frdzz are on gtalk…..

  12. admin says:

    Sending again still fails? Or logout and login again?
    Sometime Google Talk server does not response correctly. Taking another try will help.

  13. Rekha says:

    I really enjoy chatting in web buzz, can right the script to make it bit faster than before
    anyway thanks a lot for this website, iam glad using thi.. Thank you once again

  14. WeBuzz says:

    Thanks for your feedback. We are rolling new updates to make WeBuzz faster and better.
    At the time of this writing, we have just rolled another update on our beta page ( ). You may try it out.

  15. dram says:

    enjoyed the site..really useful for writing fast scripts …i enjoyed the chat wil be good if we have gmal,yahoo..logins for mail checks…..

  16. Pau S.Kam says:

    The site is helpful.
    We would like to request to link gmail web page.
    Some time we could not able to reach gmail to check our mails.
    Please kindly assist on our request if possible.

  17. Neil says:

    Is this legal? It looks exactly like Gtalk! Are you guys sure you are not violating any copyright issues.

    I also have concerns about disclosing my passwords to a 3rd party. How safe is it ? What are the chances of my personal information being sold to others?

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