Hello Myanmar Friends

These days, thousands of visitors flushed in from Union of Myanmar. We really welcome any friend in the world to use our web gtalk servcies. WeBuzz.IM team is dedicating to build web IM services with better security, accessibility and user experience.

With some chattings with those visitors, we learned that network in Myanmar is not very good. So WeBuzz.IM is their choices for a better place for their Google Talk communications.

And we always listen to our visitors carefully. We also learned these days that lots of visitors would also like the feature of web gmail for them. We will make our effort to develop a web gmail. Please keep tuned.

Lots of Myanmar friends tried to talk to WeBuzz.IM team members. As we were busy with fixing bugs and implementing new features. Sometimes, we  did not response your messages. We were very sorry. Hope these friends understand that we are realy busy. So if you want to talk to us, you can email us or leave messages here. We will make a response when we are available. Thanks!

BTW: We update frequently. The current update is v20090709.

BTW 2: We does not understand myanmar language, so don’t send us messages in myanmar. English please.

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76 Responses to Hello Myanmar Friends

  1. sweet says:

    help me plz

  2. WeBuzz says:

    What is your problem

  3. hninthida says:

    thanks for ur site to use gtalk.
    if possible we want to use gmail also

  4. hnin hnin says:

    I wanna use gtalk and gmail also.
    please help me

  5. kay khine aung says:

    Hello I would like to join with u

  6. ahseng says:

    pls help me to chat via gtalk

  7. win thein lwin says:

    please help my internet cafee cannot use gtalk so i want to use gtalk

  8. arloo says:

    thanks for great jobs. We myanmar people are behind firewall which allow almost nothing. we have to rely on your site to communicate our friends and families in other countries. Please continue your works. I’m afraid that in some days Myanmar also ban your site.

  9. paupiang says:

    i want to join to you

  10. samuelcool says:

    wanna get full feature such as voice call, video chat

  11. YoungHacker says:

    I tried to use account setting inyour WeBuzz.im .But it can’t work . Why ?
    Pls. answer me .I also want to use other setting menu button .

  12. YoungHacker says:

    Can I buzzing more faster with WeBuzz.im ? Our connection is as fast as a Turtle .

  13. Mr. Nayzan says:

    Connection in Myanmar is not very bad (not very good).
    Then gtalk and gmail are difficult to open because their ISP have close.
    But Webuzz help us.
    So thank a lot

    Please help me how to open gmail by Webuzz.

    I will wait your reply.
    Please sent to me

  14. laypyaenu says:

    Thanks for your sake.
    I wish you to survey other sites such as blogsport.com, wordpress.com, mail.google.com.
    Thanks in advance.

  15. kyawtheinlwin says:

    i want to join to you

  16. nge says:

    i want to join to you

  17. Max says:

    Hi, there. I am from Myanmar and currently abroad. So gmail.com is banned in Myanmar? I can build a gmail client. It will probably takes me a week. Contact me for more.

  18. Bo$$ says:

    Welcome to my gmail
    Nice to meet u,

  19. zawminnnaing says:


  20. rappergod153 says:

    i am a student .i am grade 10

  21. kyawgyi says:

    may i know how i will use We Buzz.
    think for your assistance.

  22. iPod says:

    Hi, there, If you want to use g mail, try “www.slaphappy.com”.
    It’s also easy to use! Bye the way Max, let me know when you finish your g mail client! OK!
    Thanks a lot for helping us. “Webuzz!”

  23. komal says:

    i want to know that how can i change my gtalk photo n how can i talk while using gtalk with webuzz…thanks.. waiting 4 ur reply..Thnx alot WEBUZZ

  24. WeBuzz says:

    Changing gtalk photo is not supported yet. We may implement this feature in the future update. Keep tuned.

  25. myomintnant says:

    i want to know that how can i change my gtalk photo n how can i talk while using gtalk with webuzz…thanks.. waiting 4 ur reply..Thnx alot WEBUZZ

  26. WeBuzz says:

    Click gtalk icon at the bottom, input your username and password, then login. That is the way you use webuzz’s web gtalk.

    Changing gtalk photo is not supported yet. Keep tuned.

  27. young says:

    Hello iPod . Thanks a lots for your information about to signup gmail
    “www.slaphappy.com” . And also thanks Webuzz.im , but your IM has some bugs I think .
    Pls. try reapir them just like “java2script.demo@gmail.com” and password you had filled.
    Hey iPod, pls. mail me if you have anything just above .Thanks.

  28. Littie0013 says:

    Hello my dear admins… yes… during this moment, the connection is so bad.. however, we can access other websites but not IM services.. Since myanmar people (of course almost all) use Gtalk widely and so, we face a lot of problems.. we can use other IM services but WeBuzz has almost the same UI as Gtalk.. so we decide to use yours.. 😀

    Congrats and A lot of thanx from Myanmar…

  29. Robert says:

    I could do well Gmail and Gtalk easily read and send and also yahomail.
    I use bypass proxy software.Try all my friends from Myanmar.

  30. Littie0013 says:


    you are right.. but bypass proxy softwares cant do well in the bad connection…

  31. Lwinko says:

    This is great site. Thanks a lot! If can be I’d like to want to use also web gmail. I want to join your site. How did register for this site? Please reply to me!

  32. John says:

    Thanks a lot too

    in myanmar no g talk no gmail so bad,now this website is very useful for all of us.

  33. zawzaw says:

    Very thanks all

  34. pyae says:

    don’t gmail new account

  35. swezinmyanaing says:

    Hi Nice to meet you friend
    “Life is nothing without friendship.”

  36. WeBuzz says:

    Hi, nice to meet you and you all!

  37. Eldar says:

    Hello guys!
    Is it possible to integrate this sevice into site?

  38. Prakash says:

    In my place all the chat traffic is blocked. Thanks to webuzz, we are able to keep in touch with our Fiends. Thanks a Lot…..
    Keep up the good work.

  39. WeBuzz says:

    If you find it useful, keep using it or tell your friends about it.
    If there are problems, please report bugs.

  40. kmk says:

    i am testing .

  41. kmk says:

    thanks for take care to users.

  42. min says:

    i do need ur help.my fri works in myanmar gov depart.we use gtalk.now his whole office’s gtalk and vzo are banned.so,i m willing to know what we can do and which messenger is suitable for us to chat.right now,i m in s’pore.i’ll really appreciate ur kind response.

  43. WeBuzz says:

    If you need gtalk or other IMs, like msn, yahoo, aim, just use WeBuzz.IM’s web Gtalk/MSN/Yahoo/AIM http://webuzz.im/.

  44. mgmgthet says:

    I am mgmg.thet. I am from myanmar. I was sign in gtalk this afternoon.
    but I forget sign out and then close site. So my account is opening now.
    I sign in again and sign out.But it can’t be sign out. My account is still online now. So I am a big trouble. please help me.

    Sorry for my english language.

  45. MM says:

    What is different between official gtalk web app and ur buzz?

  46. WeBuzz says:

    We have fixed this bug again. And you are already offline now. We are very sorry for the troubles.

    The official gtalk web is written Flash, and WeBuzz.IM is written in Java/JavaScript.

  47. Phyo Pyah Soe says:

    Myanmar and China are very family. And all of us proud for your country. We always ready to help your country.

  48. Pavan says:

    why cant I find invisible mode for yahoo,etc. Its very inconvinient as you might know :).

  49. Marco says:

    Why the fuck the link is hidden down there? The bar is almost invisible!

    I lost five minutes trying to find the link to the MSN IM!

  50. WeBuzz says:

    We consider leaving more room for your chat would be a better user experience for most of users.
    Thanks for your feedback! We will take your feedback into our next design.

  51. WeBuzz says:

    It seems that there is a bug that the bottom bar is difficult to click on. We have just fixed the bug and upgrade to v20090827.

  52. sarkarmyogyi says:

    l like myanmar. l love myanmar.

  53. sarkarmyogyi says:

    hello. all firend how are you?l m very very miss myanmar land,l went go back myanmar.please help me my got.

  54. sarkarmyogyi says:

    hello.maria you name is islam name. this is realy u name?so where u?

  55. tharnay says:

    hi … please invite my gmail.

  56. rappergod153 says:

    i want to use gmail.i can’t open my account.please help me

  57. yanantcho says:

    I want to use facebook also.can u help us?let me know, pls!Thanks. 🙂

  58. mydiary says:

    Thanks For your website.

  59. Nyinaymin says:

    In Yangon,today ,we get a bad connection and we used webuzz.im but we never get to attach file in gmail.If anyone know this problem.Please reply me immidieatly.

  60. WeBuzz says:

    We will try to add attachment support in the future release. Thanks.

  61. varsha says:

    hi my acc is varshabht257
    plzinvite me friends
    ok all the bet to all

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