More Room for Chatting

WeBuzz.IM has rolled out another update v20090919, hiding description texts and hiding logo panel to leave more room.In a result, you may find your chatting background is much cleaner, and you can enjoy a happier web chatting experience.

1. Hiding description text automatically for those old users who use WeBuzz.IM for more than 3 times. Here are two pictures to show the differences.


And before hiding texts, it is considered as very crowd:


You can click “<” or “>” button to toggle text description:


2. We support another option to hide IM main window’s logo panel. In a result, you may get longer friend list.





In some earlier updates, we have already removed ads from chatting dialog and we will automatically hide our bottom quick launch bar and tray task corner. All those changes are following the principle of leaving more room for web IM chatting.

We always take improving web chatting user experience as the most important job for WeBuzz.IM. Please give us feedbacks to make improvements.

– – We buzz together @ WeBuzz.IM

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