WeBuzz.IM 2010 First Update and More Service Domains

Two goode news for 2010:

1. We has upgraded WeBuzz.IM services. So our servers now accept more connections and provide stabler chatting experience.

2. We has added two more mirror server domains for WeBuzz.IM web chatting services: http://java2script.net/ and http://java2script.com/ .

We are always improving our web IM services, please give us your opinions to make WeBuzz.IM much better.

— We Buzz Together

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20 Responses to WeBuzz.IM 2010 First Update and More Service Domains

  1. ESYZ says:

    I need some help here. I just changed my phone to Omnia Pro b7330. Can i use webuzz? i tried but i cant seem to get it. thanks

  2. WeBuzz says:

    Currently, WeBuzz.IM only offer web IM services. We are not providing mobile IM services right now.

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