WeBuzz.IM Supports Facebook Chat Now

We are very pleased to announce that WeBuzz.IM now supports Facebook Chat.

Lots of people ask for Facebook Chat support since WeBuzz.IM is online. And now it comes. According to Facebook Chat XMPP support, you must have a username first, before you can use Facebook Chat outside its website. So if you have no short username yet, try to get one from Facebook official website:

1. Go to account settings:

Open Facebook Account Settings

Open Facebook Account Settings

2. Change username, check availability and confirm about your username.

3. Logout and login again to make the username working. If you do not logout and login again, you still can not login to Facebook Chat outside its official website.

4. To use WeBuzz.IM multiple protocol web IM services, please visit http://webuzz.im/. After page is loaded, click the bottom Facebook icon to launch Facebook Chat window, and enter your given username and password …

You can visit the following links to launch Facebook Chat directly:

Please report bugs and let us know about your thought.

– – We buzz together @ WeBuzz.IM

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7 Responses to WeBuzz.IM Supports Facebook Chat Now

  1. wai phyo says:

    I can’t change username.
    Please,help me.

  2. WeBuzz says:

    @wai phyo
    If you can not access Facebook official website, You might need proxy server to access it.
    We are sorry we would not help you to get your username.

  3. beccarr says:

    i dont get what i have to change my name too… 🙁 help plz!!

  4. WeBuzz says:

    You need to login to http://www.facebook.com/ and follow the above instructions to enable your facebook username. Then logout facebook and login again to make your username available.

    After you get your Facebook username, you can now login to Facebook Chat on WeBuzz.IM with your username and password.

  5. hendra says:


  6. Thulitha chalitha says:

    To login

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