Update 20100324

We are constantly updating WeBuzz.IM services in the past two months, from server side to client side. In the previous few weeks, we has pushed lots of server side updates. And now these two days, we are pushing out client/browser side update v20100324, fixing IE bugs and others.
If you have any problems with this new version, please report bugs to us. Thanks!

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WeBuzz.IM service server list (includes mirror servers):


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52 Responses to Update 20100324

  1. William says:

    Hey, recent issue the past couple of days. I keep getting booted with a message that I’ve “signed on from another location.”

  2. WeBuzz says:

    We have rolled out an update already. If you still have “signed on from another location.” frequently, please visit http://webuzz.im/beta.html for more recent updates.
    Thanks for your feedback.

  3. WeBuzz says:

    We have made another update trying to fix the problem “getting disconnected per 2 mins”, please check it out.

  4. Jamie says:

    I need a backdoor for yahoo web IM…..blocked at work…ideas?

  5. WeBuzz says:

    You can visit http://webuzz.im/ can click Yahoo! Messenger icon at the bottom to launch yahoo web IM. It is already supported in WeBuzz.IM

    BTW: You can also visit http://webuzz.im/yahoo-messenger/ to launch web yahoo messenger without clicking.

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