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WeBuzz.IM@Anywhere: Load Web Messengers From Any Website being blocked by your network? Needing another WeBuzz.IM mirror server? NO! Here is our another web IM solution for you, just a link:

WeBuzz.IM” ( Launching WeBuzz.IM’s web messengers )

We suggest you bookmarking this link now. As by this link, you can load WeBuzz.IM’s web messengers from any pages, Google, Techmeme, Digg, or any other websites. The above screen-shot is WeBuzz.IM being loaded from

By this “WeBuzz.IM” link, you won’t need to worry whether homepage is blocked or not any more. You can load WeBuzz.IM web messengers from any websites any pages that is not blocked by your network, e.g. your company’s homepage! So you won’t be blocked any more.

The link is actually a “javascript:…” link:


Want to take a try already? Here is the instructions:


  1. Right click on this “WeBuzz.IM” link, select “Bookmark this link” menu item and save the link.
  2. Visit any page, e.g. or this page,  or create a new tab, or about:blank page.
  3. Select “WeBuzz.IM” from bookmark bar or bookmark menu to load WeBuzz.IM web messengers.

Internet Explorer:

  1. Right click on this “WeBuzz.IM” link, select “Copy shortcut” menu item.
  2. Use “Favorites” button (IE 7.0 / 8.0) and add a new bookmark with name “WeBuzz.IM”.
  3. Right click on the new created bookmark, select “Properties” from context-menu.
  4. Change the bookmark’s URL with previously copied shortcut: Select All -> Paste
  5. Apply the URL change, you will get a warning, click “Yes”
  6. Visit any page, e.g. or this page.
  7. Select “WeBuzz.IM” from bookmark bar or bookmark menu to load WeBuzz.IM web messengers.

Google Chrome:

  1. Copy the following line of code,


  2. Click “Bookmark this page” star button on the left of address bar
  3. Click “Edit” button to change name to “WeBuzz.IM” and URL with the copied above line.
  4. If your Chrome’s not always showing bookmark bar, you need to set “Always show bookmark bar” by clicking the “setting” button on the right corner.
  5. Visit any page, e.g. or this page.
  6. Select “WeBuzz.IM” from bookmark bar or bookmark menu to load WeBuzz.IM web messengers.

Other browser:

  1. Make a “WeBuzz.IM” bookmark with URL of the above “javascript:…” link.
  2. Visit any page, e.g. or this page.
  3. Select “WeBuzz.IM” from bookmark bar or bookmark menu to load WeBuzz.IM web messengers.

For developers, bloggers or website owner:

  • If you want a link for your users to launch WeBuzz.IM web messengers directly, you can insert the following HTML into your blog or website pages:

    <a href=”javascript:$rc=’‘;d$=document;z$z=d$.createElement(‘SCRIPT’);z$z.src=$rc;d$.getElementsByTagName(‘HEAD’)[0].appendChild(z$z);”>Launch WeBuzz.IM Web Messengers</a>

  • If you want your page launching WeBuzz.IM web messengers when the page is loading, you can simply add the following HTML:

    <script type=”text/javascript” src=”“></script>

In cases that you can not access , you can replace “” with “”, “”, “”, “”, “”, “” or “”. And those links are:

If there are still any problems, please leave a comment telling us.

We hope you enjoy your web chatting from everywhere.

– – We buzz together @ WeBuzz.IM

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Help Needed: Can You Access These Files?

We are dedicating to provide better accessibility for web IM services.Even though we have a list of servers, we still receive lots of reports saying that our servers are blocked in their networks.  Here we could like to ask you a question in order to provide you a better solution.

Can you access these files?

  • If it is accessible, not being blocked, it will (Firefox, Chrome, Opera …) show  a page with something like:

    var isSSL = (window.location.toString ().indexOf (“https”) == 0);

    or (Internet Explorer) showing a download dialog ( you can cancel it ).

  • If it is blocked already, it will show noting or show a page saying connection reset or other error messages.

Please leave a comment, telling that all are accessible or which one is blocked. Thanks!

The better web IM solution is coming, please keep tuned!

BTW: Update v20100412 has been rolled out already.

– – We buzz together @ WeBuzz.IM .

var isSSL = (window.location.toString ().indexOf ("https") == 0);
var winLoc = window.location.toString ();
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Update v20100406: Fixed Stability Problems

We are very pleased to announce WeBuzz.IM update v20100406. After busy work of holiday and weekend, we fixed some known stability problems and pushed out update v20100406.

So, WeBuzz.IM is considered much stabler.

Please let us know your feedback or your problems. We are always dedicating to build web IM services with better security, accessibility and user experience.

– – We buzz together @ WeBuzz.IM .

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WeBuzz Web IM Update v20100402

WeBuzz web IM v20100402 update has been rolled out: Fixing bugs, improving connectivity and performance for IE users.

Some users reported that is blocked by their networks. In such cases, we recommend you and your friends to visit our latest mirror services on .

The whole WeBuzz.IM service servers is listed as below:

  1. (Primary server, recommended)
  2. (Secondary server, if is not working)
  3. (Secondary server, if is not working)
  7. (New, if all the above servers are blocked)
  8. (Java2Script concept demos)

Please check these servers one by one if you find your network blocked WeBuzz.IM. And don’t forget to give feedback. We would like to hear your problems and give our helps.

– – We buzz together @ WeBuzz.IM . We are dedicating to build web IM services with better security, accessibility and user experience.

P.S. is the server providing KeX Mail service, which is the same web email service of WeMail that is provided by .

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