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WeBuzz.IM Newsletter 201005

Hi all,

Thanks for using WeBuzz.IM ( ) web IM services (web Gtalk/Google Talk, web MSN/Windows Live Messenger, web Yahoo! Chat/Messenger, web Facebook Chat, web AIM/ICQ, web XMPP/Jabber) to keep contact with your friends.

Here is our service updates v201005 newsletter.

WeBuzz.IM Updates

In the past year, we made lots updates, including bug-fixes, performance improvements, new features:

  • Updates: 33
  • Bug-fix: 167
  • Improvement: 35
  • New Feature: 21

We were adding more servers to the services. WeBuzz.IM now hosts services on the following domains or URLs:

  2. (New)
  3. (New)
  4. (New)
  9. (New)

WeBuzz.IM now supports multiple logins on all the following IM networks:

  • Google Talk
  • MSN / Windows Live Messenger
  • Yahoo! Messenger
  • AIM / AOL Instant Messenger
  • Facebook Chat (New)
  • ICQ
  • XMPP / Jabber

WeBuzz.IM nows contains pages for the following languages:

  1. English (Default)
  2. Simplified Chinese ( )
  3. Traditional Chinese ( )
  4. Japanese ( )
  5. German ( )
  6. French ( )
  7. Spanish ( )
  8. Portuguese ( )
  9. Hindi ( )
  10. Italian ( )
  11. Russian ( )

Screenshot of WeBuzz.IM:

Embedding WeBuzz.IM Anywhere

We add support of embedding WeBuzz.IM on any website any page by two way:

  • You can replace a bookmarked URL with:


    Clicking on the new bookmark item will load WeBuzz web IM on any page of any website.

  • Add the following line to your page:

    <script type=”text/javascript” src=”“></script>

    to load WeBuzz.IM by default. Or add the following line:

    <a href=”javascript:$rc=’‘;d$=document;z$z=d$.createElement(‘SCRIPT’);z$z.src=$rc;d$.getElementsByTagName(‘HEAD’)[0].appendChild(z$z);”>Launch WeBuzz.IM Web Messengers</a>

    to add a link for user to load WeBuzz.IM.

The above “” domain can be replaced with domain “”, “”, “”, “”, “”, “” and “”.

For more information about embedding WeBuzz.IM on anywhere, please visit:

WeMail / KeX Mail for Web Mail Client Service

For those users who can not access their emails directly, WeBuzz.IM team provides a web Email client, name WeMail/KeX Mail, for all POP/IMAP&SMTP compatible mail servers. It means it supports almost all mail servers, including the following well known mail providers:

  • Gmail / Google Mail
  • Hotmail
  • Yahoo! Mail / Rocket Mail
  • AOL Mail

You can access WeBuzz’s web mail services by

Screenshot of WeMail/KeX Mail:

KaKooLa for Fun Photos or Videos

KaKooLa is another new service provided by WeBuzz.IM team. It updates everyday, providing popular photo and video list that is chosen by thousands of people. You can visit by:

You can also visit the services in other languages like:

Other languages are not listed here. Visitors can select their own languages in the page’s language box.


Here are some common links for further information:

We buzz together @ WeBuzz.IM .

(c) WeBuzz.IM 2010

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