WeBuzz.IM Offline Web Messenger

We are very proud to announce that WeBuzz.IM is providing web messenger for both online and offline.

To use WeBuzz.IM offline web messenger, please visit


You can also download WeBuzz.IM Offline Web Messenger directly by following links:
Primary site
Mirror site 1 Mirror site 2 Mirror site 3
Mirror site 4 Mirror site 5 Mirror site 6
Mirror site 7 Mirror site 8 Mirror site 9

download the zip file, and extract it to your local computer, and then open index.html file in your browser. If index.html page is opened in the browser, everything is the same as WeBuzz.IM online web messenger. You can login into Gtalk/MSN/Yahoo! Messenger and other networks, and chat with your friends.

To use WeBuzz.IM online web messenger, you only need to visit http://webuzz.im/ and other URLs. You will be updated automatically.

Lots of our WeBuzz.IM online web messenger service users can not access to Gtalk/MSN/Yahoo! Messenger and others services, because their networks block them. There are chances that their networks will block WeBuzz.IM’s websites. So we are introducing WeBuzz.IM offline web messenger to continue providing services to those users who can not access to http://webuzz.im/.

If offline web messenger is downloaded to your local computer, your network can not block you from launching the web messenger. The offline web messenger contains a list of WeBuzz.IM service servers, it will keep searching the available server for your networks and connect for you. So almost all the time, you can chat happily with your friends.

One fallback of offline web messenger is that you need to keep the messenger updated by downloading the updated version if there is one, all by yourself. But it should not be a big problem. we are not updating frequently. We may update offline web messenger monthly or so.

In some simple words:

WeBuzz.IM online web messenger:
Advantage:  Keep updated automatically
Disadvantage: May be blocked by some networks

WeBuzz.IM offline web messenger:
Advantage: Seldom be blocked by your networks
Disadvantage: You need to download the updated web messenger.

Please take a try on our WeBuzz.IM offline web messenger, we think you will like it. And please give us comments about how you feel about it.

– – We buzz together @ WeBuzz.IM

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29 Responses to WeBuzz.IM Offline Web Messenger

  1. lolol says:

    how are we supposed to download if the website is blocked? 😉

  2. WeBuzz says:

    If the website is blocked and you can visit here, please download it by

    We have just updated the post, adding mirror sites for downloading.

  3. Ragipi says:

    it’s very practise

  4. Who says:

    All messengers for all operating systems will not be available. It’s possible with WeBuzz offline web messenger.

  5. WeBuzz says:

    Yep, WeBuzz.IM offline web messenger works for all operating systems for all of Gtalk/MSN/Yahoo/AIM/ICQ/Facebook/Jabber. 🙂

  6. guillermo says:

    El use de weBuzz offline es exclusivo para usuarios o es posible subir esa interfaz a un sitio web, para poder acceder a los servicios msn de este sitio?
    Lo pregunto ya que deseo crear un sitio web y poner weBuzz offline para que los usuarios puedan conectarse a su msn.

    Espero su respuesta para continuar con mi idea.

    Saludos desde Chile.

  7. WeBuzz says:

    El mensajero WeBuzz.IM sin conexión es principalmente para los usuarios. Para aquellos que quieran integrar WeBuzz.IM mensajero, por favor, siga las instrucciones en las siguientes páginas:
    En las instrucciones anteriores, sus mensajeros incrustado se irán actualizando de forma automática si nos ponemos al día nuestro mensajero más tarde. Le recomendamos encarecidamente que lo haga.

    En los casos en que, tras las instrucciones anteriores para integrar messenger no funciona para usted, puede subir WeBuzz.IM Messenger sin conexión a su sitio web para proporcionar servicio de mensajería web. Pero tenga en cuenta que debe de tener su copia actualizada de nuestro mensajero última línea, o puede que no funcione correctamente.

  8. Yacs says:

    Great site! Hope to see more updates/ upgrades in the future! One suggestion, maybe, just maybe, you can add different sound for different service, ICQ, ‘ OH OWW’, MSN=’…..’, GTALK=’some click sound’

    just my 2 cents, cheers

  9. WeBuzz says:

    Thanks for your suggestion!
    We will try to use different sounds for different type login in future updates.

  10. vishal says:

    sir/mam , orkut is blocked here , is there any way to open it ,?

  11. Zhou Renjian says:

    If you want to use orkut chat, you can take a try on our web Gtalk.
    We have no proxy services for orkut web site. You need to find some proxies to open it.

  12. Andy says:

    My work just blocked Google Talk, and webuzz.im. The offline messenger works great. I’m sure my mother and girlfriend are very grateful for your work 🙂

    Some suggested improvements: move the taskbar and shortcuts to the right hand side. I like to minimize the browser window to just include the buddy list and a couple chat windows, with the buddy list on the right. The auto-hidden bars are always getting in the way of my chat window.

    Enable Settings in Google Talk. I cannot change any settings and the spell checker is driving me crazy.

    Take away all the background text. I don’t need to see the headlines “TWITTER HACK” and “FACEBOOK IPAD” in the background every time I want to chat (are these advertisements? if so, I guess you’ll have to leave them). Maybe give an option for a solid black backgroud? This would not necessarily delete the text, but it would melt into the black background and make it virtually invisible 😉

    Thanks again! You guys rock.

  13. Zhou Renjian says:

    Thanks for your comments!

    Some background text you mention above should be advertisement. Almost all texts can be hidden into a line by clicking “<" arrow or "x" button.

    For tasking bar on bottom, we design it in case the page window is displayed in a maximized state. So if you minimize window to small window, it may disturb other behaviors. Before we can figure out a better design ( we are not promising it ), we suggest you leaving some margin at the bottom, so you friend list window and chatting dialogs are not overlapping it. And you will be disturbed by it.

    Not every settings are working. Only chatting theme and notification setting are working.

    And any suggestions or bug reports are welcome.

  14. Zel says:

    I love this!

    My only concern is that in your status message, where it advertises that you’re using Webuzz, the offline version seems to give off your IP address. I’m absolutely fine with the usual status messages about the messenger being used, but I’m not so comfortable with my IP address going public. I hope to see this fixed in the next update!

  15. Zhou Renjian says:

    The IP address you see on you status message is not your IP, it is our server IP. So don’t worry about it. We are not leaking your IP.
    In fact, showing IP on status message is not friendly. So we will fix it later.
    Thanks for your feedback.

  16. jing says:

    I already download it in my cell but my problem is in registration. what is my webuzzid?how can i get it? please help… ASAP thanks and more power to webuzz…

  17. jing says:

    I already download it in my cell but my problem is in registration. what is my webuzzid?how can i get it? please help… ASAP thanks and more power to webuzz..

  18. Zhou Renjian says:

    Currently, WeBuzz.IM offline web messenger only works in PC or Mac. It does not support cell phone now.
    After downloading it, open it (index.html file) in your favorite browser, login with your existed messenger account and chat with your friends.

  19. Andy says:

    I keep losing connection this afternoon, about every 60-90 seconds. Is this on your side or my side?

  20. Zhou Renjian says:

    It seems that our servers are not stable these two days. We are working to find out why and fixing it.
    And please try to re-open WeBuzz.IM ( maybe, you need to re-open your browser ), it may help you to get a better connections. BTW: Changing to browser Google Chrome may get a stabler connections, from our experience.

  21. Andy says:

    Thank you for your quick reply, Zhou. I have been using Chrome and still get disconnected quite often today. I guess I will just wait it out. Good luck in fixing it and have a good weekend.

  22. shrigopal says:

    ye kya h…………..
    logo k pass eske siway koi kam ni h kya!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. shrigopal says:

    it’s very baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad

  24. I have found that people like to get onto facebook / youtube / myspace when they are at work. So the simple way to do that if it is blocked is just to unblock it with a facebook / youtube / myspace proxy. You can always find new ones if yours gets blocked.

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