Back From Server Outage

Our WeBuzz.IM main server met an outage in the last server hours. We were sorry that we only learned that after it had lasted for several hours and it had caused lots of inconveniences to our users.

We met a server outage about 2 years ago. And after that accident, we had already developed a monitor system to make sure all our services are running well all the time. But as too many factors may cause server outage, we could not take all possible outage reasons into our monitor system. From today’s lesson, we will take more factors into our monitor system.

Thanks for your supports of our web messenger services. We will keep developing our monitor system and our web messenger services.

BTW: If you find that our services are not running correctly, please drop us a bug report, so we will fix it or get it improved.

– – We buzz together @ WeBuzz.IM

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