Web Facebook Chat Updated

We are pleased to announce that WeBuzz.IM’s web Facebook Chat has been updated.

Several months ago, we had released web Facebook Chat for our users, based on Facebook’s XMPP supports. But Facebook’s XMPP supports require you to get an alias user name before you can using it. So lots of users get login refused. Only a few users get logined and use our web messenger service.


In order to provide web Facebook Chat to more of our users, we update our web Facebook Chat messenger, based on its web page messenger. And now, our users can login with email and password, and won’t be refused even they have no alias user name for their account.

Don’t wait any more, use WeBuzz.IM web Facebook Chat now. And don’t forget to give us feedback to make it better.

– – We buzz together @ WeBuzz.IM

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25 Responses to Web Facebook Chat Updated

  1. sarnloiswam says:


  2. lexie says:

    web facebook chat is still not working.. you said you haveimproved it so that we will not be using Alias anymore but when I tried..it’s not yet working,…please check.. thanks

  3. Zhou Renjian says:

    You can not get logined with your email address and password? What does it say?
    Could you please describe more about how it is not working?

    Thanks for your feedback.

    • lexie says:

      hello Zhou..It’s working now…thanks for that…but then the yahoo messenger is not..everytime i send a message for example i will send hello it says “failed to send “hello” with error “null” …something like that..I don’t know why…please check..thanks..

      • Zhou Renjian says:

        Thanks for your feedback.
        It seemed that your yahoo messenger got logged out (maybe the connection was broken by unknown reason). And logout and login again may resolve this problem. We will add error message in the response.
        And we will keep monitoring this problem.

        • lexie says:

          thanks for the reponse too…ill keep you updated if some problems occured. more power… I love WEBUZZ 🙂

        • lexei says:

          I just wonder about the problem in logging in the facebook chat..before it was easy to log in the facebook chat but how about now? why do I have to open first my official facebook to confirm it…i just don’t understand..

          • Zhou Renjian says:

            Facebook detects that you (or other users) login from a different IP (through our servers), and it thinks that it is not normal for you. So it needs to confirm your account for further usage.
            We hate the IP restrictions too.
            We are still searching for solutions to avoid such IP restrictions.

  4. lexei says:

    @Zhou Renjian – now i got it…you are right..i logged in the official website then i tried it again and it works…

  5. Alex says:

    I can log into facebook chat, but I always see all my contacts off-line, do you have an idea why this occure? Please consider that my proxy has a web filter that blocks connections to facebook.com and other social networks. Could this be the cause? Thanks from Italy.

    • Zhou Renjian says:

      Maybe most of your friends are offline at the time you are online. And maybe your friends are also be blocked by firewall. Try to tell them that you are using WeBuzz.IM and see if you can see them online.

  6. Alex says:

    I don’t know…
    I have too many friends on facebook and I think it is very unlikely to have all my contacts offline because I have many friends (300). I think there is a problem, but I do not know if it is a webuzz.im problem or a firewall / web filter, etc.. problem. I used Webuzz here in the same network (same filters and firewall) for a few days but now isn’t working.

    • Alex says:

      .. just to let you know that I’m using webuzz and it’s working fine chatting with Gtalk and MSN, but I still have problems only with facebook chat (all contacts appear offline but I know they are online ^__^ )
      Thanks a lot.

      • Zhou Renjian says:

        It seems it is a bug of our web Facebook chat. It seems that friend statuses are not sent to browser side. We will try to fix it.

        You can take another try tomorrow ( about 8~9 hours later), we will roll out a fix.

  7. lexie says:

    hi Zhou…
    I do have the same problem with Alex…It’s very unusual that all my friends are offline…I asked some of my friends and they said they are online..it’s just that i can’t see them. please fix it immediately thanks..it’s just that fb chat is always part of my day^^ thanks 🙂

    • Zhou Renjian says:

      Thanks for reporting problems.
      It seems that Facebook updated its protocol on announcing its social mail box service. We have just fixed it. And we will roll out the update tomorrow ( about 15 hours later ). Please keep tuned and give us feedback.

      • Alex says:

        Hi Zhou, at moment the issue seems not solved. I’ll try again in a few hours. Other chat are working fine.

        • Zhou Renjian says:

          We reviewed the bug-fix, and it seemed that the bug is not totally fixed. Someone’s web Facebook Chat worked while someone’s chat did not work.
          We will rolled out another bug fix tomorrow.
          Thanks for your feedback.

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