Web Mail Client Update v20101104

We are very pleased to announce that WeBuzz web mail client update v20101104 has been rolled out.

Supporting HTML Mails

In this update, we support viewing mails which are in HTML format. That is to say, your mail will be in a good look. And you won’t miss any links or images inside the mail.

Supporting Viewing or Downloading Attachment

In previous version of web mail client, you can not see your mail attachments. Now you can view or download those attachments. But currently, we haven’t supported sending emails with attachments.

A Simpler UI Layout

In this update, we remove or disable those buttons or links that is not implemented. And we make the layout a little simpler to let you have your focus on your emails.

To check out WeBuzz web mail client, please visit:

We are improving WeBuzz web mail client. Please feel free to comment down your thoughts to help us make this mail client much better.

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55 Responses to Web Mail Client Update v20101104

  1. aditya says:

    Good afternoon Sir/Madam,

    I am Aditya from Bangalore, Karnataka, India.
    I am a great fan of webuzz.im.
    I am really satisfied with your service.

    I am also like to chat through REDIFF BOL, an indian region based chat application.
    For a long time , rediff bol service is not good, that is, the chat room not opening in the rediff bol graphic user interface, so we unable to chat..

    There is now web based service from rediff bol authors.
    I request you , If possible, be the first website to add java based rediff bol chat services in your website webuzz.im


  2. sreejith says:

    i am not able to access the yahoo to access my mail. should i do any thing more to access it

  3. Zhou Renjian says:

    Which email domain are you using? @ymail.com, @yahoo.com, @yahoo.com.in ?
    We already tested @ymail.com, @yahoo.com and they work

  4. i am not able to access the yahoo to access my mail. should i do any thing more to access it

    • Zhou Renjian says:

      What is your yahoo domain? yahoo.com.in or others?
      You may need to configure your Yahoo! POP3/IMAP and SMTP setting by choose provider as “other” and click “configure” link to do so.

  5. along says:

    The attach a file function dosen’t work. I used FF,Chrome and IE8.

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