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WeBuzz.IM Offline Web Messenger Update v20101223

We are very pleased to announce WeBuzz.IM offline web messenger update v20101223 is available.

In this update, we fixed some login problems, added new features, like adding smile icons,  removed kakoola and ads for offline messenger, and made other improvements.

So please download the updated offline web messenger, and have fun talking to your friends:

Primary site

Mirror site 1
Mirror site 2
Mirror site 3

Mirror site 4
Mirror site 5
Mirror site 6

Mirror site 7
Mirror site 8
Mirror site 9

– – We buzz together @ WeBuzz.IM

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WeBuzz.IM Web Messenger on Chrome Web Store

Today, Google announces the release of Chrome OS laptop ( or the network computer ). And with release of Chrome OS, the Chrome Web Store is on.

We, WeBuzz.IM team, always trying to catch up with latest technology updates, are very pleased to launch WeBuzz.IM web messenger as an app in the web store. Those users who buy the new Chrome OS laptop or use Google Chrome browser can visit WeBuzz.IM web messenger at Chrome Web Store for our app and install it. It is free.

After you install WeBuzz.IM, you will find WeBuzz.IM icon in your “New Tab” page:

You can click the icon to launch WeBuzz.IM web messenger. Have fun chatting with your friends at one click!

Here are some screenshots:

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Tips on Logging into Facebook Chat

These days, we made lots of updates to our web Facebook Chat service. But we discovered that there were lots of failed FB Chat logins! From our logs, we saw that lots of Facebook users got the following errors on logging into our service:

which says “Failed to connect”, “Trying to connect server failed!” and “You need to log into Facebook official website to confirm your account!”.

Don’t be panic about this error. It is a normal error which most of WeBuzz.IM web FB Chat users will meet with. So what does the above error dialog mean?

In fact, Facebook thinks that your try of logging into Facebook from our WeBuzz.IM servers, which located in USA, is an unusual login activity. Facebook responses to our login requests saying that user must login Facebook home ( ) and follow its instructions to verify the account and review the recent activities before user can continue to use Facebook Chat service.

So you must login Facebook official website to confirm your account first! (If you are blocked to access Facebook at your office or school, you need to visit Facebook at home or use proxy to access it)

By logging into Facebook with your email and password, you will be redirected to :

Then you can follow the instructions inside the page:

On review recent activity, select “This is Okay” and continue to confirm your account.

Once you finish the review procedure, you can login our WeBuzz.IM web Facebook Chat later without errors! As you have confirmed that using WeBuzz.IM web FBChat is a normal login activity for you, you will won’t be ask to confirm your account again.

We hope that you know why you get error on logging into our web Facebook Chat and know how to solve it and continue to use our service.

Enjoy your web Facebook chatting on WeBuzz.IM!

BTW: We finally fixed the friend online status bug of our web FB Chat.

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Web MSN Messenger Service is Back

Some of our WeBuzz.IM web MSN users may notice that they could not log into their MSN messenger or Windows Live Messenger this morning.

We noticed that MSN user number dropped sharply. We tried to figure out the reason. And we found out that MSN server did not return user’s information and friend list after user is logged in. And MSN messenger server drop the connection after about 30 seconds. So lots of users can not get logged in. We considered that official MSN messaging service was down.

The MSN service being down lasted for about 4 or 5 hours. And fortunately now MSN service is back. So is our web MSN messenger. So go ahead and chat with your friends.

– – We buzz together using web messenger @ WeBuzz.IM

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