Web MSN Messenger Service is Back

Some of our WeBuzz.IM web MSN users may notice that they could not log into their MSN messenger or Windows Live Messenger this morning.

We noticed that MSN user number dropped sharply. We tried to figure out the reason. And we found out that MSN server did not return user’s information and friend list after user is logged in. And MSN messenger server drop the connection after about 30 seconds. So lots of users can not get logged in. We considered that official MSN messaging service was down.

The MSN service being down lasted for about 4 or 5 hours. And fortunately now MSN service is back. So is our web MSN messenger. So go ahead and chat with your friends.

– – We buzz together using web messenger @ WeBuzz.IM

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  1. maria razo says:

    i want a account how can i do it?

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