WeBuzz.IM Offline Web Messenger Update v20101223

We are very pleased to announce WeBuzz.IM offline web messenger update v20101223 is available.

In this update, we fixed some login problems, added new features, like adding smile icons,  removed kakoola and ads for offline messenger, and made other improvements.

So please download the updated offline web messenger, and have fun talking to your friends:

Primary site

Mirror site 1
Mirror site 2
Mirror site 3

Mirror site 4
Mirror site 5
Mirror site 6

Mirror site 7
Mirror site 8
Mirror site 9

– – We buzz together @ WeBuzz.IM

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5 Responses to WeBuzz.IM Offline Web Messenger Update v20101223

  1. hafeezullah kv says:

    i try to download and install we buzz in my system, but its not working
    could u please send me the link for downloading?

    thanks and regards

  2. samson says:

    hi, am trying to register for webuzz, and its saying that wrong webuzz id. pls, does the id require special characters?

    • Zhou Renjian says:

      We do not provide registration. We only provide web messengers for you to login with your existed user id and password.

  3. maria razo says:

    i tried to get in it and it’s not working…

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