WeBuzz.IM Web Messenger on Chrome Web Store

Today, Google announces the release of Chrome OS laptop ( or the network computer ). And with release of Chrome OS, the Chrome Web Store is on.

We, WeBuzz.IM team, always trying to catch up with latest technology updates, are very pleased to launch WeBuzz.IM web messenger as an app in the web store. Those users who buy the new Chrome OS laptop or use Google Chrome browser can visit WeBuzz.IM web messenger at Chrome Web Store for our app and install it. It is free.

After you install WeBuzz.IM, you will find WeBuzz.IM icon in your “New Tab” page:

You can click the icon to launch WeBuzz.IM web messenger. Have fun chatting with your friends at one click!

Here are some screenshots:

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3 Responses to WeBuzz.IM Web Messenger on Chrome Web Store

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  2. maria razo says:

    how can i do it to get in it because it says to click it but it doesn’t go there!

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