Announcing Karoo Lark Web Messenger

We are very pleased to announce that Karoo Lark ( ) is now providing online web messenger.

Karoo Lark web messenger is similar to WeBuzz.IM web messenger, but with a new UI layout to provide you a better user experience.

Currently, Karoo Lark provide web Gtalk messenger, web MSN messenger, web Yahoo! messenger, web Facebook Chat. We may add other web IM later.

Please give us what you think about our new UI, we are improving our web messenger based on your feedback.

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9 Responses to Announcing Karoo Lark Web Messenger

  1. Mary says:

    Add AIM.

  2. Paddy says:

    I was using earlier but from last week it says logging in and then waiting (20s) and keeps loading… nothing comes up… this happes to all the messenges on this site. please look into this ASAP…

    Appriciate your help

  3. Srinivasan says:

    i saw using , from last week this page again directed which is blocked in out office…

  4. Binoj says:

    Is there any way to host our own copy of the new web messenger so that we don’t get blocked by firewalls often?

  5. Gavin Tan says:

    Karoo Lark Web Messenger is blocked in my company 🙁

    Guess its not that fool-proof after all

  6. Fantaghirow says:

    Yes, karoolark is blocked here as well. Very frustrating since I was freely and happily using java2script before 🙁

    Is there any solution?

  7. vicky says: is blocked in office ..
    when i try to log in it says..
    “Per company policy you have been denied access to the URL:
    Not allowed to browse Online chat category

    Please help…

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