izuz.net WeBuzz.IM is a web IM service provider, helping people get contacted behind firewalls.

This blog will talk about IM (instant messenger), mainly focusing on web instant messenger technologies.

And this blog is also a customer support blog for izuz.net’s web Gtalk and web MSN Live Messenger WeBuzz.IM‘s web Google Talk, web Windows Live Messenger, web Yahoo! Messenger, web Facebook Chat, web AIM/ICQ, web XMPP messenger and web Mail client services. More services may be added in the future.

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  2. Astaroth says:

    Hi!, in my work the admins installed websense and this IM don’t works, it blocks your im.

  3. hemanth says:

    i simply love this page. awesome idea!.

  4. hahaha says:

    this is great actually, but after i signed here.. when im tryng to access on my facebook account in home, i will receive a notification that my facebook was accessed by anonymous somewhere in scottland, etc etc. then after changing my password, again, another anonymous access my account and by that time they changed my facebook settings… what is the meaning of that? can anyone help me?

    • Zhou Renjian says:

      We know that Facebook may notify users that they got logged in elsewhere and ask users to verify their account. This is because if you use our web Facebook Chat and you get logged in from our servers ( our servers are located in USA ), and Facebook may think logging in from this location is not normal and consider that your account being hacked (in fact it is not). So take it easy. Each time you login Facebook from our different WeBuzz.IM servers, you may get to Facebook’s verification page.

      What do you mean by changing your facebook settings? WeBuzz.IM’s web Facebook Chat may update your status message.

  5. Omkar says:

    Hi Team,

    I had a problem recently i had opened my facebook chat box but forgot to log out of that.
    & later i shut down the system..now wen evr i opening any other account my account is logged on for 24 hrs ….can you kill that logged in session of mine ….becos my frends think dat i hav logged into it….but actually i m not…..

    Facebook ID:-omslawin@gmail.com


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