Bug Report

If you have problems of WeBuzz.IM, we recommend you also try our mirror sites like http://webuzztogether.com/ ; http://java2script.com/ ; http://kexmail.com/z.html … And we also recommend you try browser Google Chrome or Firefox. If it is working there, please also give us a report, we will try to fix it.

Reporting bugs with which URL you are using, what browser and what version are you using, when it happens and so on, will help us fixing problems.


webuzz.im (once known as izuz.net ) is now providing web Gtalk, web MSN Live Messenger , web Yahoo! Messenger , web AIM , web ICQ and web Jabber services for all visitors. More services may be available in the near future, such as IRC, MySpace IM, Facebook Chat and others.

Please report any problem here, so we would provide better web IM user experience.

Update: Current web Gtalk version is 20080429 20080729 20080804 20080827 20080907 20080921 20080929 20081105 20081212 20081221 20090111 20090114 20090119 20090308 20090313 20090323 20090402 20090410 20090420 20090422 20090426 20090503 20090506 20090526 20090626 20090703 20090708 20090715 20090720 20090726 20090805 20090820 20090823 20090827 20090829 20090909

276 Responses to Bug Report

  1. Michelle says:

    The application constantly keeps loading? I’m not sure why, happens in both Firefox and IE…

    • Tim says:


      I tried to log me into ICQ via your official WeBuzz website and it stucks always at “Connecting”. I tried it with the latest version of Firefox and Internet Explorer 8.
      Than I downloaded the offline version and tried it in Firefox and Internet Explorer 8 and it stucks at “Connecting” too.

      Would be nice if you can fix it. 🙂

      Best Regards

      • Zhou Renjian says:

        Thanks for reporting that ICQ is not working as expected.
        We will roll out an update tomorrow fixing this problem.

  2. swati says:

    there is always a prb while sign out..& max of the time it doesn’t respond..

  3. admin says:

    Keep loading as connection to izuz.net is waiting your IM messages.

    Thanks for reporting your problem. We will try to figure it out.

  4. Scott says:

    The settings window doesn’t change anything when you press ok. If you open it again then everything is unchecked. I tried to hide offline contacts but it didn’t work…

  5. admin says:

    @Scott Thanks for reporting bugs

  6. Steve says:

    I cannot receive replies sent, any reason why this happens??

  7. martin says:

    Hi, I can’t receive responses from others contacts, what’s the problem that cause this incident????

  8. martin says:

    Hi again the issue’s solution is the following: in the URL address’s IE put javascript:net.sf.j2s.ajax.SimplePipeRequest.switchToQueryMode (750); and then login into gtalk! 😉

  9. admin says:

    Hi martin, nice to hear you got the solution before the next update. 🙂

  10. Ajay says:

    i am not able to get replies.
    i am using the site http://demo.java2script.org/gtalk/
    for gtalk, but not getting any replies
    i was using izuz.net, but it got blocked in office 🙁

  11. Krishna says:

    Hi I am using IE 6.0.x and when I log into gtalk everything is fine except when I try to add a new contact it is throwing some javascript error that I could notice at the lower left bottom of the window and does nothing after that. Any idea??


  12. Shubhankar says:

    Its a very good site providing very good facilities but,

    Sometimes i face issues while connecting. Sometimes it simply won’t get connected.
    Moreover, at times it shows people who have logged off as active.

  13. admin says:

    hi Shubhankar, nice to have your feedback. I just want to let you know that we are working hard to provide more stable connections and services. And another update version is scheduled to fix connection problems.


  14. Steve says:


    I cannot see my contacts, the screen is blank. Everytime I load the program it erases the information.

    Pls. advise.


  15. admin says:

    Hi Steve,

    Which url? What browser are you using and which version is it, if you know about it?


  16. Debapratim says:

    hi,ders always a problem while signing out…and many a times it doesnt open the next time after a problematic sign out…
    plz fix dis bug…its a big hurdle in using the gadget…

  17. admin says:

    Thank Debapratim for reporting the problem. We will look into this bug.

  18. Steve says:

    The url I am using is https://izuz.net/gtalk/
    the browser is IE6.0 Version SP1
    I could use it till last week.

  19. admin says:

    I just explained that HTTPS protocol is now not necessary for secure web IM experience.
    So you can try http://izuz.net/gtalk/ instead. Or you should make some more refresh actions (clear your cache?) on your IE.

    And we tested IE7.0 and it is OK. IE6.0 SP1 is not deeply tested but should be OK. And we strongly recommend you to use Firefox 3.0( http://www.mozilla.com/ ). izuz.net’s web IMs run much faster on Firefox that any versions of IE.

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  21. Victor says:


    I cannot see my contacts, the screen is blank.
    Pls. advise.

    im use firefox 3.0.1
    and http://demo.java2script.org/msnlive/

    please help me, my friends have the same problem. thanks.

  22. admin says:

    Hi Victor,

    We are trying to fix the problem. Keep tuned.

  23. Saravanan says:

    I am unable to see my contacts list, but able to login,
    unable to chat,,,,able to send invitation.

    please help
    moz 3.0 , win xp

  24. admin says:

    @Saravanan & Victor
    Quick response: After login, try to resize the gtalk main window, and you will see your contacts list.

    P.S. Problems are fixed.

  25. VibhorE says:

    The same problem i am facing from quite long..after login i am showing available on Gtalk main window with tht green tab….but if i click on tht tab i am showing offline….The whole screen is blank with no contacts and mesgs wat so ever..Plz help

  26. admin says:

    Update: Web IM services are updated to version 20080907. Please check the services again to see whether problems are fixed or not.

    Hope to hear more feedback.

  27. admin says:

    The blank contact list bug is considered as fixed now. Please re-check the web IM service pages to see it works or not.
    Current services are updated to version 20080921.

  28. keith says:

    the gtalk option is not logging me out it keeps active throughout even though i sign out

  29. keith says:

    can you please get this corrected

  30. keith says:

    how do i loggout from a previous session of gtalk on your blog coz when i open the page a second time to loggin it states duplicate loggin detected when i have not logged in from anywhere else?

  31. admin says:

    As your may do not logout correctly in your last session, your gtalk session may be kept alive in our web IM service server. In case you may login from a different location (at home while your office PC is not off) and want to keep both session alive, we prompt you to log it out or not. Click “Yes” on the message dialog will help you to log it out.

    BTW: The correct way to logout your gtalk: right click on the top-left gtalk icon, and select “Logout” menu-item.

  32. santosh says:

    after login when loading, the time taken is too much. [i have 200+ contacts in gmail]

    from where does gtalk load the friend list? orkut or gmail or both?

    blocking/removing a person doesnt work properly.
    after blocking a person, if u logout and login, he is again unblocked/added again :O
    please let me know

  33. admin says:

    Thanks for reporting problems. We will fix these problems in the next update. Keep tuned.

  34. JEremy says:

    the yahoo chat just keeps loading when i try to log in, and the gmail chat logs in, and shows my user name and that i am available, but instead of showing my contacts, that area stays at the login screen. I know several other people who have had this problem as well, the msn one works grreat though! your webiste is a great idea, my school blocks alot of the other online messengers, but not yours

  35. JEremy says:

    (i am using webuzz.im)

  36. admin says:

    Thanks for reporting problems. We will try to fix the bugs for yahoo messenger and google talk.

  37. Stephanie says:

    Recently I sign in to any IM, it alaways pops up an error msg “Trying to connect server failed!” But I am sure it’s not of the network, because I loged in successfully this morning once and failed for another try.
    (whether uziz, demo, webbuzz or izuz URL)

  38. admin says:

    We will look into the problem you described.
    Thanks for reporting your problem.

  39. dannu says:

    Hy how to free download izuz.net is now providing web MSN Live Messenger ??????????

  40. admin says:

    There are no downloads available (at least no schedule for this yet). All you need is just visiting izuz.net or webuzz.im

  41. Stephanie says:

    Hi~I mentioned that an error msg “Trying to connect server failed!” always pops up when I sign in before, and is there any solution for this problem? Thank you~

  42. shalini says:


    when i try to use gtalk, i can not see the messages received and sent in the window. Is that something u changed in the programme.

    Please fix it, if u can, it was working fine till last week.


  43. Daniel says:

    Hey, I’ve been having a problem recently. No matter what site I try to sign in from, or what computer I’m on, I always get something that says “Connection Failed” when I try to use the Yahoo! IM. It’s the only chat that doesn’t work. But both demos work fine. Do you think you could find a way to fix this?

  44. Where I try to connect return message “Trying to connect server failed!”.
    Now I change my password and work!! My old pass have a special characters “)(*” and “M”…

  45. admin says:

    @Morris Ruschel
    Thanks for reporting bugs. We have fixed this the character “*” password bug. The update will be available soon.

  46. admin says:

    We are digging to find the bug, but not coming soon. We will let you know when we have an update.

  47. Ashok V says:

    I am unable to use the scroll bar in the gtalk to see the friends list…. please suggest

  48. admin says:

    view->show in one page

  49. shah says:

    Am using the website http://webuzz.im/
    There are two problems I am facing:
    1. Even when I logout of gtalk .. I am shown as available always.
    2. If I logout once from a computer and try and login again from the same computer it says “Trying to Connect Server Failed”.

    Please fix the issues.

  50. roy says:

    hi,When i change my yahoo messenger picture its now work only black square showed up.

  51. bj says:

    i can not open my messenger8.1/// and cant open some of my maili need help can cant find it… i use windows xp…and firefox.
    thaNKS my yahoo address is lolliepop27886@yahoo.com

  52. roy says:

    my yahoo display image still black pls help.my yahoo adress is roy.cayanan@yahoo.com thx!

  53. admin says:

    Could you take a try visiting http://webuzz.im/beta.html ?
    Thanks for your bug reporting. It may take us a little longer to fix the problem. Thanks for your patience.

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  55. Rakesh says:


    I need skype on this…..Are you already working on this?

  56. admin says:

    Skype support is on schedule. Maybe it will be online a few days later or two weeks later at max.
    Keep tuned.

    It is illegal to develop a standalone Skype client. For more information, please read http://www.skype.com/intl/en/legal/ .

    http://imo.im/ is supportting web Skype. I am not not quite sure about the details of of Skype and IMO.IM cooperation. But you may take web Skype test there. 😀

  57. Abhishek Kumar says:


    Why do have the UI of Gtalk only fr all the clients. It would be better if you could replicate the UI and look n feel of client you are trying to imitate.


  58. admin says:

    @Abhishek Kumar

    We will take Windows Live Messenger, Yahoo! Messenger into schedule for WeBuzz.IM UI theme.

    And we are also considering our own WeBuzz UI theme design. But new theme may not come sooner.

    Better stability and user experience are always WeBuzz.IM’s goal.

  59. Amit Kumar says:

    Respected sir

    while using your beautiful site I got problem with me messanger of gtalk I got login to my account but while sending message to my any frnd i got the msg

    Failed to send “( @ http://webuzz.im/ Web Google Talk )”
    Failed to send “dhan dhan satguru tera hi asra ji”

    I am not able to find out the problem while it work properly with my yahoo account…….

    Thanks & Regards
    Amit Insan

  60. admin says:

    @Amit Kumar
    Does this problem happen every time you are using Gtalk and Yahoo! Messenger? Or just one time? Login again and problem still exists?

    Which URL are you using:
    1. http://webuzz.im/
    2. http://izuz.net/
    3. http://java2script.org/
    4. http://demo.java2script.org/

    We need more details to identify whether the problem is a network problem or software problem. Thanks.

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  62. Josh says:


    After using gtalk in http://webuzz.im/beta.html, my gtalk account has been “Available” permanently.

  63. admin says:

    Thanks for reporting the bug. Once we fixed this kind of bug. We need more care to avoid such bugs again.

    Before we fixing this bug, we suggest you follow the instructions below to avoid you permanent “available” online:
    1. Right click the gtalk icon the left upper corner, choose “Sign out”
    2. Or click the arrow below your name, and choose “Sign out” item

    If you just close your browser window without signing out, you may be left as “available” for some minutes (about 2 minutes or for buggy hours). In such scenarios, try to login again and then logout following the above instructions. The service servers will logout all your sessions

  64. Sumeet Gandhi says:

    Hello Team,

    Really happy to use your service. I am facing a issue from past few days. I dont know what is wrong. Many times during the chat my friends complain that u not replying to what they are saying. Then I ask them reply what. then they copy paste what they wrote earlier which i didn’t receive. so it seems that there are frequent message drops during the conversation. I dont know how to explain this more to you. But this is what i am facing from last many days. Kindly see if you can make the conversation more enjoyable without any message drops.

    Sumeet Gandhi

  65. admin says:

    @Sumeet Gandhi
    Very thanks for reporting this serious problem. We will look into this problem and try to fix it.
    BTW: Which messenger are you using ? MSN messenger or Google Talk?

  66. Sumeet Gandhi says:


    I am using Gtalk and Yahoo. In both of them I am getting the same problem.

    Sumeet Gandhi

  67. admin says:

    @Sumeet Gandhi
    We think that your problems are caused by too many simultaneous connections on one of our server, to which you are connecting. We already make some adjustments on our server clusters to avoid too many connections on one server. It is considered that our services will be stabler.

    Before we could make sure that these server policy adjustments do fix your described problems., you can visit
    for your web Gtalk and Yahoo instead. It is another server providing the web IM services. Hope it is accessible in your network and your problems do not exist there.

  68. rajan says:

    i can login to gtalk from webuzz.im but can’t chat as soon as i type the message and press enter. message comes failed to send messages… and i can receive messages from my friend but can’t reply them…… plz do sumthing as webuzz.im is the only site working in my office….

  69. admin says:

    From our tests at the moment of writing this comment, the web gtalk services is running well.
    Try to logout and login again, and your problem may disappear. And visiting http://webuzz.im/ and http://webuzz.im/beta.html may result in different servers serving you.

  70. Nitin says:

    Dear Admin,
    I am getting following error
    Failed to send “( @ http://webuzz.im/ Web Google Talk )”

    For all below URLs:
    1. http://webuzz.im/
    2. http://izuz.net/
    3. http://java2script.org/
    4. http://demo.java2script.org/

    can u pls help with this?

  71. WeBuzz says:

    Only “Failed to send “( @ http://webuzz.im/ Web Google Talk )”” and other messages are sending out successfully? Or other messages are not sending out?

    And what about http://webuzz.im/beta.html ?

  72. Cesar Omar says:


    I just can say that the space bar of the messinger windows dont functionate

  73. Luciano says:

    Hi, when I use this application I can not use a photo when connected at MSN

  74. WeBuzz says:

    Currently, you can not set your own photo in MSN. We will try to add this feature in the future.

    Would you describe your problem in more details?

  75. John says:

    Issues connecting to yahoo messenger. I get a null error when i try to connect. MSN Works ok, but it seems to hand on loading a java applet and then the screen goes grey and I have to refresh to get to anything on it

  76. WeBuzz says:

    We are trying to fix the problem you described. And we have made an update. You should find your issues disappeared. Or please report bug again.

    BTW: For yahoo messenger, you may need another try to login.

  77. John says:

    It seems that yahoo is working now, but MSN is constantly getting disconnected after a few minutes and the Dos window that is in the application says “Pipe closed”

  78. WeBuzz says:

    We are still working on to make WeBuzz.IM services much stabler.

  79. Edward says:


    Since yesterday the MSN connection is having several issues, is this situation going to be solve soon?


  80. WeBuzz says:

    We have make some bug fixings. And we have rolled out new update v20090703.
    We will be monitoring MSN/Gtalk/YMsg/AIM services for some days before saying your issues are solved.

    Thanks for reporting problems.

  81. Luciano says:

    I’m facing another problem when using MSN.
    When I log in, my name doesn’t appear correctly. instead of my name or e-mail, which is shown it’s a web address like “desabafa.com …. ” that doesn’t have nothing to do with me. This makes it difficult to be recognized by friends.
    But this doesn’t happen when I use Google Talk. In GTalk, my name is shown correctly.

  82. WeBuzz says:

    We need another update for you to update your display name on MSN.

  83. Denis says:

    no way to connect to MSN at now… after a while a timeout popup appears.. console windows says “pipeFailed”

  84. WeBuzz says:

    Thanks for reporting this bug. Now web MSN service is back.

  85. Nishant Dasgupta says:

    i signed out of webuzz (gtalk) and closed the window, but it still shows me online. i can’t seem to log out at all. please help.

  86. Nishant Dasgupta says:

    Please log me out asap. Thanks you.

  87. WeBuzz says:

    @Nishant Dasgupta
    It was a server error today that made signing out of webuzz gtalk leaving you still being online. We have restarted server to correct such errors.

    In normal cases, with correct logout or brute logout(turn off power directly), your account will only be kept online for no more than 2 minutes.

    And you can try to login again to clean those online connections, if you would like to make it offline immediately.

    Thanks for reporting problems.

  88. Green Cucumber says:

    Can i upload a photo? 🙂

  89. WeBuzz says:

    @Green Cucumber
    Uploading photo is not supported yet.

  90. Pablo says:

    Hello all. First of all let me thank you for providing us this service so useful. Having said so I’ll explain the problem I have with the yahoo chat at the moment. It’s been giving connection problems for quite a long time in the past but now I can connect to it but it does not give me the option to respond to any message sent from others. Everything else appears to be OK. At startup it logs me in and sets me as available directly. Then I notice I can only log off and does not give me the usual options like “do not disturb” and so forth. Whenever I open any chat window the line to enter my text appears blocked. Not sure what may happen.

  91. WeBuzz says:

    We will try to fix your problem.
    Before the bug is fixed, if you meet this scenario (login procedure is incomplete) again, try to logout and login again, and it may not block you from sending message at the second login.

  92. WeBuzz says:

    We have just rolled out another update and the web Yahoo! Messenger bug you described is fixed in this update.

    Thanks for reporting bugs.

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  94. Edward says:

    Any problems with the Server??, at this time, there’s no way to log in MSN

  95. WeBuzz says:

    We have just restarted our services. And all the services are OK now.

  96. Henrique says:

    Congratulations for the job..

    Whats the javascript library did you use?


  97. WeBuzz says:

    FYI: Java2Script libraries at http://j2s.sourceforge.net/

  98. Rupesh says:


    Beside log ou from my gmail account ,still i am visible .Pls do the needful an fix this bugas soon as possible.

  99. WeBuzz says:

    Ya, this bug is still in the services.
    We have just rolled out another update v20090729 to fix this bug.

  100. Utsarga says:

    Yahoo messenger is disconncted very frequently. Gtalk is working fine.

    Utsarga Panda

  101. WeBuzz says:

    Thanks for reporting bugs, we will look into the problem.

  102. Luciano says:

    I can’t change my exhibition name when using MSN.
    The name that appears when I log in on MSN there’s nothing to do with the name I have registered. This difficult other people identify me when I’m on line.
    At this time, when I log in on MSN what appears is “Desabafa.com – Conta os teus problemas e segredos”

  103. ravikash says:

    Maximum time it does not responsed

  104. EsYk says:

    Hi, Is there anyway to place a display picture?

  105. kiran says:

    gtalk is nt opening…

  106. Jairo Sanchez says:

    Hi, This bug occurs in almost all the mozilla firefox, the right scroll to search the contacts, don’t works, may be fixed, because, i’m not sure, but this don’t ocurrs in Internet Explorer, tks a lot.

  107. WeBuzz says:

    @Jairo Sanchez
    From our test, the scrollbar is working in Firefox 2.0 and 3.1.
    Can you describe detailed steps to repeat the bug?

  108. Mystix says:

    Yahoo Messenger is disconnected almost every minute. And when I login, the contacts are blank or they don’t show.

    Using moz firefox ver 3

  109. Denis says:

    on IE 7.0.5730 msn chat does not have space for my writing.. all windows is occupied by the top part of conversation (where i see all)… ahd there is no way to resize top and bottom part… vertical scroll bar is displayed

  110. Jason says:


    The AIM server is still down. It always says fail to connect. Is there a date when we can expect to see this fixed?


  111. WeBuzz says:

    You can take a try for AIM on http://webuzz.im/beta.html
    And a new version of web AIM/ICQ is on the way, please keep tuned.

  112. Jason says:

    Sounds good, can’t wait for the new version. The AIM on that beta site doesn’t work either.

  113. WeBuzz says:

    We have already rolled out the new version of web AIM/ICQ. You should use it now.
    It may not be stable as other existed IM services right now. We will improve them.
    If you have any problem with web AIM/ICQ, please be kind to file a bug.

  114. WeBuzz says:

    @Jairo Sanchez
    The right scroll-bar’s up and down button for searching contacts now works in update v20090909

  115. Amit says:

    I want to create an account in webuzz but dont know how to do it.On mobile i downloded app but wen i create user is it says sending your registration endlessly

  116. WeBuzz says:

    To create account, you need to go to each IM’s official website to create it yourself. WeBuzz.IM does not provide creating account right now.

    And WeBuzz.IM does not offer mobile app right now. It seems that there is another company named “We-Buzz” providing mobile app for mobile IM. It has no relationship with WeBuzz.IM ( http://webuzz.im/ ). We are very sorry for the name confusion for our users.

  117. Qendrim says:

    Iu dua te gjitheve !

  118. Wanderer says:

    There’s a bug with the status message feature of webuzz, my inputted status message changes randomly, sometimes it becomes the default available, sometimes it takes my online friend’s status message. Also the status message of my online friends are not displayed properly, the status message of one contact is being displayed into another contact resulting into a mess. Btw I’m using only yahoo messenger.

  119. WeBuzz says:

    We will look into the bug. Thanks for reporting.

  120. Saulo Benigno says:

    These last two days I’m getting a lot of connection errors. I mean, appears ‘Connecting (%time%)’ for a long time… and no connection.

    I’m using the Gtalk and MSN


  121. Soumik says:

    I logged on to gtalk from http://demo.java2script.org/ . But after i signed out of gtalk from here, it still shows me logged in to that account. I checked out that no other instances of gtalk is running anywhere. I even tried out changing my password.But it still doesnot help out. I am still being shown logged in on webuzz.im/web.

    Please help me out.

  122. Adriana says:


    I sign in to webuzz, and I have different errors as: pops up an error msg “Trying to connect server failed!” or “You have logined from another location” and webuzz disconnect it constantly. What can I do?

  123. Abhishek says:

    Whenever I log in to web yahoo messanger, It asks for password. But after entering the password it keeps on showing “singing in as…..” and I am not able to sign in.

  124. cape says:

    lo que me ha pasado es que me han hakeado el hotmail por ende el facebook y he perdido toda la informacion..
    lo que me gustaria es saber si puedo recuperar lo perdido de la dirección
    la persona que lo hizo vive en españa en girona y su direccion es matiasca@live.com,, matias_uruguayo@hotmail.com

  125. WeBuzz says:

    Sorry, we couldn’t quite understand what you are saying. We guess you want MSN recovery service, which is not supported by WeBuzz.

  126. Jason says:

    http://demo.java2script.org/gtalk/ is now blocked. Is there another mirror site that we can use to get on? If not, can you guys create one in the near future? Thanks!

  127. WeBuzz says:

    Take some tries on http://webuzz.im/ , http://java2script.org/ , http://izuz.net/ , http://uziz.net/ ?
    In case that the above list is also blocked. Take a try on the newest mirror site: http://java2script.net/ and http://java2script.com/ .
    Please let us know if it works for you.

  128. anand says:

    i am unable to see my online friends in orkut.

  129. Dimi says:

    I can put my picture. I use internet explorer version 7.0.5730.13 . It’s just me or webuzz isn’t able to do it?

  130. WeBuzz says:

    Orkut is not supported now.

    Changing your own picture is not supported yet.

    Keep tuned.

  131. ash says:

    my gtalk is not logging out..ive changed my password several times..pls hellp!!

  132. paks says:

    hello ,

    when i loged in any messanger if i directly close msn and again loged in that time throws exception..

  133. Rash says:

    Before I had access to my past chat history, but now it doesent shows at all. Please if there is any way to have my past chat history, if it is recordet at your servers. I’m ready to pay to have all my past chat history, from all my accounts that I use thruu webuzz. I this is posible send an email to my and I will giv you all my sign in details.
    THNX a lot

  134. WeBuzz says:

    Sorry that we can’t fulfill your request. There are some performance issues that we have disabled the feature of chatting history temporarily for about 2+ weeks, so your recent chatting history is not recorded on our servers.

    If we re-enable chatting history feature, we won’t charge for it.

    Which WeBuzz.IM URL are you using? We might enable chatting history for you temporarily, so you might get your those 2+ weeks old chatting history. We would like help you.

  135. WeBuzz says:

    We have just re-enabled the feature of chatting history, you can try to view your webuzz chatting history now, hope our servers keep your history and they help you.

    We might disabled this feature another day, so please drop us a note.

  136. WeBuzz says:


    Logging out from WeBuzz.IM does not log out completely is a bug. We will look into this bug again. If you logout by menu item “Sign out” of context-menu or drop-down menu, you should get logged out correctly. If you close browser window without normal logging out, you may be kept alive for about 2~5 minutes, after some minutes, our server will log you out. If there are still some cases that you are not got logged out correctly, you can try to login again, our servers will detect duplicate login and logout earlier login for you, then you can logout again.

    BTW: Our services does not keep your password, so you have no need to change your password.

  137. Rash says:

    THNX gays. I’got back some past chat from messenger, but non from googltalk. I have used demo.java2script.org, mostly.

  138. WeBuzz says:

    For Google Talk chat history, you should find a proxy to access official web Gmail to view them. They hold all you chats.
    Even though WeMail supports Gmail, it does not support view chat history in it. So you need the official web Gmail for chat history.

  139. WeBuzz says:

    We have just fixed the bug of Gtalk not logging out. Hope you have a happy web chatting.

  140. Brandon says:

    Everything seems good, however my chat window after clicking on a contact works but the area where i type my characters is like 1/4 visible. So i cannot see what i am typing.

  141. Brandon says:

    Like the area where i am typing is extremely small like u can barely see the tips of the tops of the characters.

  142. Jason says:

    Hello, it looks like the sites you gave me earlier stopped working. I was using java2script.net, but it just got blocked today. Are there any additional sites I can use?


  143. WeBuzz says:

    We will look into your problem. Before we could release any updates, you may take a try using Google Chrome browse, it may help you to avoid your problem.

    What about http://java2script.com/ ?

  144. Jason says:

    Java2script.com is blocked as well

  145. Jason says:

    Works fine for now!

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  147. Naomi says:

    Lately been having 2 issues. 1) I’ll find that I dont get responses from my contacts for a while on gchat and I’ll get an email saying that I am showing offline but to me I was online the entire time. A refresh usually fixes it but it wasnt an issue before maybe 2 weeks ago.
    2) Keep getting messages that “You are logged into another location”. Which is impossible because the only site I use is this one.

    I have had both issues using the webuzz.im site, izuz.net, java2script.net

  148. WeBuzz says:

    Thanks for reporting bugs. We will look into the bugs you described. Thanks

  149. Naomi says:

    Any update on this? It’s still telling me I’ve been logged in from another location and still shows me as online when friends tell me Im offline.

  150. smiley says:

    Gtalk getting disconnected per 2 mins..saying “You have logged in some other location ”
    Not able to chat with buddies .. please let me know whether i hav to install any plugins or something

  151. WeBuzz says:

    Would you tell us more about your situation:
    Which URL are you visiting?
    What browser do you use? Which version? e.g. IE 6.0 ?
    Is there any JavaScript errors that might help us? (For Firefox user, Menu Bar -> Tools -> Error Console -> …)
    Please describe other if you think it is related.

  152. WeBuzz says:

    What about using Google Chrome browser, which is recommended by us?

  153. smiley says:

    This is the error am getting frm error console

    Warning: Error in parsing value for ‘filter’. Declaration dropped.
    Source File: http://webuzz.im/

  154. WeBuzz says:

    We have rolled out an update already. We are not sure it will fix the problem “getting disconnected per 2 mins” or not, as we can not repeat this problem until now. Please let me know if problem occurs less or not.
    We will keep an eye on this problem.
    Thanks for reporting problems and help us to fix it.

  155. smiley says:

    I am getting the same error “You’ve logedin someother location” again and disconnecting per 2-3 mins.
    Is there a problem with firewall or something ?

  156. WeBuzz says:

    It is not a problem with firewall.
    Before we can find out and fix the problem, you can switch to Google Chrome browser and visit http://webuzz.im/beta.html , which may help you using WeBuzz.IM services smoothly.

  157. Smiley says:

    Chrome is not installed in my PC. I will do it and follow the same . Thanks !

  158. WeBuzz says:

    We have made another update trying to fix the problem “getting disconnected per 2 mins”, please check it out.

  159. Smiley says:

    hey thanks ..
    its working fine now. 🙂

  160. WeBuzz says:

    Thanks for your patience and bug reports.
    If there are any problems for WeBuzz.IM services, please let us know.

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  162. Apurv says:


    All sites including the latest kexmail one are blocked at my place,do you have a new site having all scripts pointing to a new server as well.

  163. WeBuzz says:

    Can you visit these files : http://webuzz.im/im.js , http://izuz.net/im.js , http://java2script.org/im.js ?
    If so, you can visit
    and click on relative “Launch Gtalk” link to load web messengers.

    If you are using Firefox and have installed Firebug add-on, you can tell more details on how our mirror sites are blocked. And we can make improvement to avoid being blocked.


  164. WeBuzz says:

    BTW: If those “Launch …” links works for you, you can copy those links in your website’s pages, and launch your web messengers there.

  165. &R3A says:

    problems with gtalk and facebook chat?
    I can connect only with MSN Messenger.

  166. WeBuzz says:

    Ya, our gtalk and facebook chat is having problems. We are fixing it.

    We have already pointed to another service server for gtalk service. You can visit http://webuzz.im/beta.html or take a page refresh to have it working.

    Thanks reporting problems.

  167. &R3A says:


    Visited, work!

  168. WeBuzz says:

    We have already fixed the problem. You can use our services as usually.

  169. jay patel says:

    hi i have prob in connect webuzz im . i try to connect at that time i have recieve message wait while connecting to webuzz server and within 10 sencond i receive message set option was failed… so any body give me answer how can i loging in this messanger…i have samsung corby txt handset..

  170. WeBuzz says:

    @Jay Patel
    Do you mean mobile WeBuzz.IM ? WeBuzz.IM ( http://webuzz.im/ ) hasn’t released any mobile IM yet。

  171. saurabh says:

    webuzz mobile mngr is introduced dont knw who

    its in java
    we get .jar and .jad files

    only thing is registration option for webuzz is not ter

    so got into this site and nw figured it out that its not urs who released
    quite surprising for me

  172. WeBuzz says:

    Thanks for your comments
    We might or might not develop mobile messenger.
    Please keep tuned or use our web messenger services.

  173. raj says:

    hi…can i use webcam here..

  174. WeBuzz says:

    Not supported yet

  175. sumit says:

    yahoo mail not respond …..

  176. WeBuzz says:

    We test WeMail/KeXMail on “…@ymail.com”, and it is working. So which yahoo mail does not respond?

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  178. Flavio says:

    My account is not doing logout.
    The session is keeping my gtalk online.
    What can i do?

  179. WeBuzz says:

    You can try to login again and then wait some seconds before logging off normally. You can logout duplicate login by this way.

  180. swasti says:


    Even i face the same problem…i logged onto gtalk thru webuzz.im.

    Though i have logged out of gtalk..still its showing me online. I tried changing my password…re-logged in it again.

    But still its doesnt work…its still showing me online all the time.

    Pls help..urgently!

  181. WeBuzz says:

    Thanks for reporting bugs. We will look into this problem and try to fix it.

    Here are some questions that will help us fixing problem:
    Does this problem happen often? What are the steps that make you showing online always? Are you learning you online status from friends who uses a desktop gtalk or from another web Gtalk?


    You are logged off from http://webuzz.im/ now. Check it out.

    Here is the correct way to logout gtalk:
    1. Click the down arrow below your id/name
    2. Choose the “sign out” menu item
    3. Wait about 3 ~ 5 seconds, close the page or close the whole browser
    1. Right click on the top left corner’s gtalk icon
    2. Choose the “sign out” menu item
    3. Wait about 3 ~ 5 seconds, close the page or close the whole browser

    If you logout gtalk by simply close the page or the browser, it may leave you online! So

  182. swasti says:

    Thank you for your quick turnaround!! But still the problem persist. As u mentioned…I signed off accordingly…All my gmail/gtalk frds can still see me online be it gtalk or thru gmail chat. Since last week i started getting this probs of signing off…never had it earlier.

    Now this is a panic situation for me…..pls pls help me on this!!

  183. WeBuzz says:

    Thanks for your feedback, we will look into the problem and try to fix it.
    BTW: Before we could fix it, we suggest you also try out our new servers like:
    1. http://java2script.org/ or http://izuz.net/
    2. http://webuzztogether.com/
    If there is network causing your problem, your problem might disappear on a different server.

  184. swasti says:

    Kindly look into this problem…i tried all your options…still it doesnt work!

    Please please pleasssseeee..try to fix this at the earliest.

  185. Mahesh says:


    I was working with this site. But for past 2 days i couldnt able to login in to gtalk. Message is coming as Application loaded. but there is no pop up for gtalk. What settings we need to change.

  186. Deepti says:


    I’m facing a prob with gtalk…..i’m not able to logout of the site. i tried clearing the cache, deleted cookies n temp files etc…even after signing out…it shows me as on Online…

    Kindly please do the needful 🙂 🙂 🙂

  187. WeBuzz says:

    Sorry that we haven’t worked out why you are kept online. From all our tests, our tests result in normal logging out.
    We just learn to know that you are using browser IE 6.0. Our support for IE 6.0 is not good enough, we suggest you also try other browsers, like Google Chrome (recommended), or Firefox.
    And may be clearing IE caches may help you too.
    By the way, are you using Gtalk using id like …@india.com, or just as normal …@gmail.com id ?
    More information will help us to fix problems.

    Really thanks for your patience to help us improving WeBuzz.IM.

  188. WeBuzz says:

    You are using IE 6.0 too. Could you also install Google Chrome or Firefox for using WeBuzz.IM ?

    And is there any messages in Console window? You can find an icon in the top-left corner with tooltip “Console”, click it to bring Console window, and copy message there for us. If there are no such icon, there is no error messages in Console window.

    Thanks for reporting problems.

  189. WeBuzz says:

    Please also read the above comments about “Console” window.

  190. WeBuzz says:

    Thanks for reporting problems.
    Have you ever tried to login our mirror sites like http://webuzztogether.com/ ? And have you ever tried to login using other browsers like Google Chrome or Firefox?
    Take others tries and report to us, so we can find out why you can not login. We will try to fix it.


  191. Zel says:

    Jabber does not seem to be working.

    Thank you for making this service and having an active bug checking team!

  192. WeBuzz says:

    Thanks for reporting that Jabber is not working.
    We will try to fix it.

  193. Deepti says:

    Thanks it worked for me using Google chrome… i was able to logout!

    Appreciate for ur timely help!!!

  194. WeBuzz says:

    Thanks for your feedback, we will try to fix the bug on IE.

  195. Aky says:

    La opción “configuración” no funciona. Los cambios realizados no se guardan al aceptar. Por lo demás estoy satisfecho con webuzz. Saludos

  196. WeBuzz says:

    Gracias por informar de problemas. configuraciones de la actualidad no todos son compatibles. Así que no se guardan.
    Por cierto, ¿qué opciones quieres ahorrar?

  197. Aky says:

    Hello again, I want to modify and save following options:
    – Notifications: (all of them).
    – General: change font.
    Also, I would like to know if is possible insert or modify an image to show (in windows live messenger chat).

  198. WeBuzz says:

    Currently, only “Incoming chat”‘s two options in category “Notifications” are supported.
    Font changing and chatting window background is not supported yet. We will think about it as a future feature.

    Thanks for your feedback.

  199. WeBuzz says:

    Thanks for reporting bugs.
    Jabber is working now.

  200. Gita says:

    Please cud you help…i’m not able to logout frm gmail…i tried logging out using thru google chrome…..but it shows me online even though i’m not….


  201. Tico says:

    i don’t speak english, but…Orkut…. please!

  202. naveen says:

    Hai sir , i do not finding signout options.I am using webuzz.im .please make sign out options.

  203. WeBuzz says:

    Click the “drop down” button below your name, there will pop up a menu containing “sign out” item.

  204. Offline says:

    Will I be able to receive messages my friends send me while I am offline when I log in with this messenger?

  205. Zhou Renjian says:

    If you are using Gtalk, you will receive offline messages the next time you log in.
    If you are using MSN, Yahoo Messenger, you will not receive your offline messages. But you can official messengers to receive those offline messages.
    Thanks for requesting this feature. We will try to implement this feature in future updates.

  206. coral says:

    I had signed on googletalk a few times using webuzztogether, and everytime I will sign off when I finish chatting, but my friend said they can still see me on webuzzotogether all the time. How can I sign off from webuzztogether? is it safe to use webuzztogether?

  207. Zhou Renjian says:

    It is safe to use webuzztogether. We don’t keep your password. Your friends see you online because our servers may have bugs on logging you out until the next day the servers restart.

    Some users reported that they may get into situation like you. Most of them use IE browser. We recommend them to use Firefox or Google Chrome browser. And it seemed that problems were solved.

    If problems still exist, please report the details of how you login and logout to us. We will try to fix it.

  208. kuldeeptomar says:

    my network admni have blocked gmail chat n I m using kexmail ,can u please tell me how to turn on chat.I tried doing by clicking on turn on chat given in the kexmail view option at the bottom but its not working, can u fix it??

  209. Zhou Renjian says:

    You can visit http://kexmail.com/z.html to have Google Talk.
    Or you can visit http://webuzz.im/ , http://webuzztogether.com/ for Gtalk.

  210. Andy says:

    Hello, I am still constantly losing my connection every minute or two, making this program useless for me. It happens in IE and Chrome. Could it be a Java issue on my end? This has been happening since Thursday of last week. Is anybody else experiencing this issue?

    Does anybody know any good alternatives for WeBuzz that wouldn’t be blocked by Websense? Thanks

  211. Zhou Renjian says:

    We have rolled out an update in the past weekend. It seemed that it did not work for your situation.

    We would like to learn more about your situation and help: key in the following in address bar and press key:


    What is the value in the popup dialog?

    And try to modify the wbzz.last.server value by:

    javascript:net.sf.j2s.store.SimpleStore.getDefault().setProperty(“wbzz.last.server”, “http://z1.izuz.net/”);

    You may have other values, like (You need to add “http://” at the beginning and “/” at the end, like “http://z1.izuz.net/”):

    Please tell us that which value works for you.

    BTW: The following is a technical instructions for modifying index.html in the WeBuzz.IM offline web messenger, trying to fix connection problem. Take a try if you understand it.
    You can try to add following HTML code before ./z.js in index.html:

    window[“webuzz.im.servers”] = [

    Try to re-order the above list to make sure that you get connected.

    In your test of the above list, please run


    after each test.

    And please also let me know which site order works for you.

    BTW 2: if all the above sites are not working for you. Try the following site:


    Please note that the above ip may not work in the future, so don’t use them if possible.

  212. Andy says:

    I pasted that entire first string of HTML code right before the ./z.js but now when I try to open the file in a web browser, the Java code never starts and the blue bars on the sides don’t show up so I can’t log into anything.

    Also, I’m not sure where or how to run that javascript code. Is that in Start>Run? Or do I put it somewhere in the HTML code?

    And feel free to just e-mail me a modified index.html file as I hardly know what I’m doing! You should have my address. Thanks!

  213. Zhou Renjian says:

    Sorry for inexplicit instruction. Do not try to modify index.html file, if you do not know it.

    Please follow instruction of modifying services by running JavaScript codes.

    To run JavaScript code, open the offline messenger, key in a line of JavaScript code “javascript:…;” and press key to run it.

  214. Bob says:

    In AIM, I had created a custom message, but later changed back to the default “Available.” After not using the site for an hour or two, I see my custom message was selected again without my choosing it. I then chose the “clear custom messages” option, yet it keeps popping up again.

    Why is the program selecting a message I don’t want and even deleted?

  215. Zhou Renjian says:

    Thanks for reporting problems, we will look into this status bug.

    Before we could fix this bug, we suggest you creating another status message ( for example, smile message “:)” ) instead of leaving it empty.

  216. vicky says:


    I am a die hard fan of We Buzz..
    as it had worked for me when nothing else did in my office..
    but off late the facebook chat is not working ..:(
    I can not log in it, neither by my face book email nor by the display name…
    kindly help …

  217. Zhou Renjian says:

    We have known that why you can’t not get logined, as we need register our server to Facebook Chat. We will try to fix this problem as soon as possible ( might be fixed before tomorrow ). Please keep tuned.

    Thanks all of you for reporting problems.

  218. Zhou Renjian says:

    Facebook Chat has already been updated, fixing login problem that you reported. Please check it out.

    Thanks for reporting problems.

  219. lexie says:

    @admin, thanks for fixing it..facebook chat is awesome workin now..keep it up ^^

  220. lexie says:

    i have another problem just a while ago..i can’t send messages in Yahoo messenger..the message is always failed and null..error..please check.thanks..

  221. Satya prasad says:


    Excellent Browser…..

    Some times we have an issues with yahoo messeger …from other side they are unable to ping us..their chat boxes are going in hide state… plz check ..

    Thanks a lot.

  222. Zhou Renjian says:

    @Satya prasad
    We will look into this problem.
    Thanks for reporting problems.

  223. srikanth says:

    Im still not able to login to facebook chat ! PLZ help !!

  224. Zhou Renjian says:

    It seems that lots roadblock records in the log of web Facebook Chat login. The roadblock means that Facebook detects that you are logging in from a different location or IP, and Facebook want to identify you that it is you. So you need to login directly to Facebook official website and re-activate your Facebook account. Or you will always get login refused.

  225. SANTHOSH says:

    gtalk is working correctly…..but still facebook chat is not working though u have updated…..please make arrangements for facebook chat quickly…..though i am typing my username and password correctly it doesn’t get logged in….

  226. SANTHOSH says:

    if i type my facebook username and password it refuses to login….:(:(: so please fix the bug soon….

  227. Shailesh Sawant says:

    I am facing problem, in login facebook & yahoo messanger.
    In yahoo, messanger not accept yahoo id with @ymail.com & facbook even not able to login (with your dummy id also). Orkut is working excellant. Also I want to know that, how can we access various rooms using this service?

  228. khan says:

    Here in Karachi, Pakistan, i never faced any problem with webuzz.im its really beautiful and its offline messenger now enables me to bypass Network Administrator’s blockade. Keep it up genius webuzz team :))))))))))))))

  229. aung thi han oo says:

    Dear Admin,
    I used gtalk from webuzz.im. I check my gtalk account form other gtalk account, I really suprise that I saw my gtalk still online even I already sign out. I was waiting long time but until now my gtalk is still online and show green color. So, I may got problem cus if my friend see me, they will think I’m at online but I don’t stay online actually. Pls help me how to solve it. I hope u will understand my problem.



    Aung Thi Han Oo

  230. Zhou Renjian says:

    @aung thi han oo
    Thanks for reporting problems.
    We reviewed our program again, and found that there are chances ( very little ) that your gtalk connection may not be disconnected and get kept online until the next day (we reset all connections everyday) even you try to logout from our web page.
    We fixed it now. And you should not get kept online anymore.

  231. Rodrigo says:

    Webuzz messages with banned words are blocked by the company’s proxy where I work. For example, if I type the word “blog” , she is barred by proxy. This means that messages are not encrypted and can be read by anyone on the network. When webuzz have their encrypted messages?

    • Zhou Renjian says:

      Thanks for your feedback.
      We will try to find a solution of encrypting messages so it won’t be blocked by firewall.
      Please keep tuned.

  232. Nate says:

    When I go to any webuzz site everything loads, but with an error on the page.

    when i pull up the console it says, “[Java2Script] Error in loading http://e.woziger.com/wz-v20100714/im/webuzz/widgets.z.js!”

  233. Mayur says:

    I am not able to find Signout option on mobile. Please guide me how to get signout from my Google talk.

    • Zhou Renjian says:

      From mobile? You are using our http://webuzz.im/ from your mobile browser?

      To sign out, you can click on the down arrow below your name, in the pop out menu, there is a menu item saying “Sign out”, click it to sign out.

  234. Istvan Fekete says:

    I and my friends use Messenger via your official WeBuzz website: webuzz.im
    After a successful login we cannot see our contacts. If we add a contact again it shows the contact is offline.
    We have tried these WeBuzz.IM Servers:
    Neither of them are working.
    We’ve tried different type of browsers: Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox. But webuzz is not working.
    On 31.12.2010 at 10:00am webuzz.im was working correctly.
    Can you check what’s the problem? We can use ebuddy.com without any problem
    Kind regards,

  235. marta sol says:

    no puedo entrar a mi mesenger correctamente , al entrar no aparecen mis contactos, y de un momento otro me desconecto… y cuando quiero regresar simplemente no se puede …o aparece estas en otra entrada lo cual no es asi , porque cerre la pagina anterior hace ya tiempo

  236. Eugene says:

    I use Messenger via webuzz.im through Firefox or Google Chrome or Internet Explorer 7-8.
    Till last week webuzz.im was working properly. Since yesterday I cannot see my contacts.
    I can receive messages from other instant messenger service provider (eg: ebuddy.com, imo.im) but I cannot answer anybody because the text field is gray.
    I’ve tried to use your other IM services from webuzztogether.com and java2script.net but the result was the same as it is described above.
    Could you check what’s going on?

    • Zhou Renjian says:

      Thanks for reporting your problem.
      It seems that your browser failed to load some resource files. It may be reported in a console window which can be opened by clicking on an icon in the left-top corner.
      If you can find anything in the console window, you can report it to us.

      P.S: We have just updated our service, please take a page refresh and try it again.

      And try to refresh the page may help you to get through.

      And you can also download our web messenger by http://webuzz.im/downloads.html , and open it locally.

  237. Maxuri says:

    Hello I’m using IE8 and Live problems with msn, gtalk works fine, but some days im not open fully, I logged appears to other users, but for me nothing appears.

    I’ve tried everything to clear the cache, restarting the machine, but none of the attempts succeeded. I can not install another browser, because the firm is locked.

    Could you help me? I noticed in another Bug IM this drawing including the Help and Gtalk settings, click to check messages when it opens gmail.


  238. The link to a FAQ from http://webuzz.im/gtalk/ (a page concerned with Google Talk and Webuzz.IM) ends up on this bug report page instead of providing a FAQ on Webuzz.IM.

    • Zhou Renjian says:

      Thanks for noticing us for this.
      We will setup a FAQ list instead of letting users scan through the bug reports for solutions.

  239. hahaha says:

    why is this site hacking my facebook account???
    after logging here in this website, then when i try to log in home, the facebook site will say that someone from this site access my facebook account… this happens 3 times… and the worst is they changed me facebook settings!!!!!

    • hahaha says:

      i need a reply ASAP!

      • Zhou Renjian says:

        We know that Facebook may notify users that they got logged in elsewhere and ask users to verify their account. This is because if you use our web Facebook Chat and you get logged in from our servers ( our servers are located in USA ), and Facebook may think logging in from this location is not normal and consider that your account being hacked (in fact it is not). So take it easy. Each time you login Facebook from our different WeBuzz.IM servers, you may get to Facebook’s verification page.

        What do you mean by changing your facebook settings? WeBuzz.IM’s web Facebook Chat may update your status message.

        • hahaha says:

          i changed my facebook password twice. because facebook admin said that my facebook account was been accessed by anonymous somewhere from USA. and when i checked it out on my yahoo email, it is from this site.. so i changed my password.. but then again, i logged in here and logged in my personal computer in home, another notifications from facebook admin that they hacked again my account.. and by this time, when i checked on my facebook settings they have been changed all. Such as all my photos are in private seetings, but that time they are viewed as for everyone..


          • Zhou Renjian says:

            As your login is from our server, Facebook may think our server’s IP is not from your place and think that your account is hacked.

            And we haven’t know anything about your photo privacy settings. Our web Facebook Chat has do not try to do anything about photos.

            Anyway, we will review our codes to make sure that we only do chatting things.

          • hahaha says:

            ok thanks.

  240. bartu says:

    Hi, I use Facebook chat via webuzz.im Internet Ex 6.0, and untill now any problems, after changing my psw after a similar problem had by other users about ” hacking facebook account ” , is about 2 days that I log in, I see all my contacts , i start a coversation, the contact can read but i CAN’T see the answer , and I suddenly appear offline for them, while i still see all my contact and nothing happens to my chat. Can you help me ? I hope my question was well formulated .
    Thanks a lot ! Regards

    • Zhou Renjian says:

      Thanks for reporting your problem. We will try to find out why you has been dropped offline and try to fix it. Keep tuned.

    • Zhou Renjian says:

      Thanks for reporting problems. We have just located the problem and have just fixed and updated our web Facebook Chat.

      Thanks for helping us to improve web Facebook Chat.

  241. Akash Saikia says:

    Whatever we chat in facebook is shown twice to us and the person with whom we chat. 🙁

    • Zhou Renjian says:

      @Akash Saikia
      Thanks for reporting this repeating message problem.
      Currently, we can not repeat this problem in our environment. But we will keep eyes on this problem.

  242. Gurpreet says:

    hi while chatting on http://www.java2script.com, the chat keeps repeating on the senders page, even though i have ended the chat, the chat on senders page will keep on repeating. And after i have logged out still my status will be reflected as logged in.
    pls help..

    • Zhou Renjian says:

      If you just close web page to logout, your connection may be kept as online for about 2 minutes. After 2 minutes, your connection will be closed.
      We suggest you logout messenger by clicking the “logout” menu item on dropdown menu.
      And logging in again and then logging out will help you logout your connection too.

  243. josee says:

    I tried to connect to webuzz (some of their links) but i cant,………… it looks like im connect but i cant see any of my contacts…………. i supossed im not connect….

    Using IE8.
    please fix it….

  244. Mariyya Osunremi says:

    Hi , I uses Izuz or kexmail for facebook chat it always works properly but from yesterday my friends do not get my facebook chat messages i try using other sites recommended on webuzz im but my friends aren’t receiving any of my messages I can receive theirs but not the other way round please will you help me or fix it 🙁 Thanks

  245. Bartu says:

    Hi is still me , I have the same problem of 1 mounth ago , I see all my contacts , my friend can read but i can’t see the answer , and I suddenly appear offline for them, what’s wrong with my chat 🙁 ??
    Waiting for your feedback , thank you so much . ( i use Internet Ex 6.0 ) .

  246. Eugene Svarcenberg says:

    It seems the same (or a very similar) problem is occurring again as it was in January this year.
    We use Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer 7-8 with MSN, GTalk work fine, but two days Webuzz does not open fully. Our logged appears to other users, but for us nothing appears.
    Till two days before webuzz.im was working properly. Now, we can receive messages from other instant messenger service provider (eg: ebuddy.com, imo.im) but we cannot answer anybody because the text field is gray.
    We’ve tried to use your other IM services from webuzztogether.com and java2script.net but the result was the same as it is described above.
    Could you be so kind as to check the problem?
    Thanks in advance,

    • Zhou Renjian says:

      Thanks for your problem reporting.
      Text field being gray, it seems that connection is not being set up correctly. Try to sign out and sign in again. If you have already tried this. What about our latest web messenger http://karoolark.com/ ?

  247. Mauricio says:

    hi i have prob in connect webuzz im . i try to connect at that time i have recieve message wait while connecting to webuzz server and within 10 sencond i receive message set option was failed… so any body give me answer how can i loging in this messanger…i have motorola ex115..

  248. Mary says:

    When I’m on facebook chat the messages my friends send me come through over 1oo times i can not use karlook it is blocked in my school please stop the messages coming in so many times.?

  249. aruti says:

    i logged in many times on “webuzz offline web messenger latest version” with wrong password but now even after i have corrected the password it still doesnt work ..the error message is…login locked-too many failed login attempts..pls resolve the issue..

  250. Arya says:

    Hi! I am trying to use demo.java2script.org.
    As karoolark is blocked in our network, I use the javascript site.
    After clicking on the “stay here” button, the messaging clients don’t open anymore.
    Can you tell me about what can be the problem?

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