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500,000 Messages per Day

From our statistics, we can tell that there are about 500,000 messages passing through our WeBuzz.IM services.

We would like to see more instant messages to be passed through WeBuzz.IM services, as our services are stabler and stabler.

— We buzz together @ WeBuzz.IM

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The World about IM

In the past week of this January, WeBuzz.IM got a lot of blog review around the world.

Beside major users from India and United States, we got lots of new users from Mexico, Spain, Italy, Brazil, Argentina, UK, France, Peru, Columbia, Chile, Singapore, Philippines, and we also got lots of users from other 80 countries, reaching to about 100 countries around the world. Blog posts talked about WeBuzz.IM services in languages of English, Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Japanese, Russian, Chinese and others.

Here is a major list of posts have mentioned WeBuzz.IM ( Thanks Google Blog Search and Google Translate for helping us to track and understand those posts and helping us to gather WeBuzz.IM feedback. ):

We encourage our users to visit these sites, as we think our visitors will benefit from such a list of all these sites, learning a lot more about instant messaging, include tools, features and services. And visitors should find lots of useful tips, or interesting new features and services by reading through these sites. These sites’ jobs are worth visiting.

We are always keeping our eyes open on the IM world, collecting feedback, trying out new features, and keeping our services up to date with our rivals.

Thank all!

— We buzz together @ WeBuzz.IM

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20K+ Users

Today, we are very excited to find out that our web Gtalk/MSN/AIM/Y!Messenger IM services already have 20K+ users, reaching out 1.2+ million friends.

Our services started from in Aug 2007, moved to & in May 2008. And nowadays, we are available at WeBuzz.IM. As always, we are dedicating to build our web IM services with better security, accessibility and user experience.

Here in the beginning of 2009, we must thank all our dear users. It is your participation, your feedback and your requirement drive our web IM services to a high level. Thanks very much! Please tell us as always what you think about our services and make feature requests to make these services better and better, up to the best.

— We buzz together @ WeBuzz.IM

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Regards to WeBuzz.IM Rivals

Here is a list of rivals on “web IM” market for our WeBuzz.IM:

All of the above web IM products provide web Gtalk, MSN, AIM and Yahoo! Messenger.

There should be many yet unknown web IM service providers. We will keep exploring and learning their advantages to help improving our WeBuzz.IM.

— Through WeBuzz.IM, we buzz together.

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World Wide Chatting Statistics

According to data from RescueTime, Y Combinator gave us a report about how world wide users spend their time (Sources from TechCrunch)

1. 12.44% Outlook
2. 9.55% MS Word
3. 6.60% Gmail
4. 5.42% Excel
5. 4.14% MSN Messenger
6. 3.45% Facebook
7. 2.46% Mail
8. 2.36% Visual Studio
9. 2.26% Thunderbird
10. 2.25% Google
11. 2.18% iTunes
12. 2.17% YouTube
13. 2.07% Google Reader
14. 1.94% PhotoShop
15. 1.90% PowerPoint
16. 1.79% Skype
17. 1.53% Adium
18. 1.21% Notepad
19. 1.21% Wikipedia
20. 1.19% World of WarCraft

We are interesting in chatting statistics:

1. 4.14% MSN Messenger
2. 1.79% Skype
3. 1.53% Adium
4. 1.00% Google Talk
5. 0.82% Pidgin
6. 0.52% iChat
7. 0.49% Yahoo Messenger
8. 0.41% AOL Instant Messenger

It seems that MSN wins the IM battle by this time.

And by RescueTime’s data, report said that users spent 44.6% of their time using communication services. Here is the list:

1. 44.63% Communication/Chat
2. 24.43% Office
3. 11.49% Media
4. 8.07% Information
5. 6.87% Design + Development
6. 1.48% Games
7. 3.o3% Everything Else

Well, online communication or chatting matters a lot to most users.

O, BTW: It seems AIM is less popular than other IM services in chatting battle, so less visitors will use’s newly-provided web AIM service? OK,’s web MSN Live Messenger should be updated with new features (last update was Aug, 2007), as it is the leading IM services. And will also add its own web Yahoo! Messenger in coming days.

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IM Statistic Numbers

Here are some interesting statistic numbers, collected from’s web JavaScript Gtalk service:

1. Average user has about 60 friends in his/her contacts list, while a few users have 400 ~ 500 friends.

2. About 70% of users have their avatars.

3. About 25% of users set their status messages.

More interesting numbers may be dug later.

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