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WeBuzz.IM Newsletter 201005

Hi all,

Thanks for using WeBuzz.IM ( ) web IM services (web Gtalk/Google Talk, web MSN/Windows Live Messenger, web Yahoo! Chat/Messenger, web Facebook Chat, web AIM/ICQ, web XMPP/Jabber) to keep contact with your friends.

Here is our service updates v201005 newsletter.

WeBuzz.IM Updates

In the past year, we made lots updates, including bug-fixes, performance improvements, new features:

  • Updates: 33
  • Bug-fix: 167
  • Improvement: 35
  • New Feature: 21

We were adding more servers to the services. WeBuzz.IM now hosts services on the following domains or URLs:

  2. (New)
  3. (New)
  4. (New)
  9. (New)

WeBuzz.IM now supports multiple logins on all the following IM networks:

  • Google Talk
  • MSN / Windows Live Messenger
  • Yahoo! Messenger
  • AIM / AOL Instant Messenger
  • Facebook Chat (New)
  • ICQ
  • XMPP / Jabber

WeBuzz.IM nows contains pages for the following languages:

  1. English (Default)
  2. Simplified Chinese ( )
  3. Traditional Chinese ( )
  4. Japanese ( )
  5. German ( )
  6. French ( )
  7. Spanish ( )
  8. Portuguese ( )
  9. Hindi ( )
  10. Italian ( )
  11. Russian ( )

Screenshot of WeBuzz.IM:

Embedding WeBuzz.IM Anywhere

We add support of embedding WeBuzz.IM on any website any page by two way:

  • You can replace a bookmarked URL with:


    Clicking on the new bookmark item will load WeBuzz web IM on any page of any website.

  • Add the following line to your page:

    <script type=”text/javascript” src=”“></script>

    to load WeBuzz.IM by default. Or add the following line:

    <a href=”javascript:$rc=’‘;d$=document;z$z=d$.createElement(‘SCRIPT’);z$z.src=$rc;d$.getElementsByTagName(‘HEAD’)[0].appendChild(z$z);”>Launch WeBuzz.IM Web Messengers</a>

    to add a link for user to load WeBuzz.IM.

The above “” domain can be replaced with domain “”, “”, “”, “”, “”, “” and “”.

For more information about embedding WeBuzz.IM on anywhere, please visit:

WeMail / KeX Mail for Web Mail Client Service

For those users who can not access their emails directly, WeBuzz.IM team provides a web Email client, name WeMail/KeX Mail, for all POP/IMAP&SMTP compatible mail servers. It means it supports almost all mail servers, including the following well known mail providers:

  • Gmail / Google Mail
  • Hotmail
  • Yahoo! Mail / Rocket Mail
  • AOL Mail

You can access WeBuzz’s web mail services by

Screenshot of WeMail/KeX Mail:

KaKooLa for Fun Photos or Videos

KaKooLa is another new service provided by WeBuzz.IM team. It updates everyday, providing popular photo and video list that is chosen by thousands of people. You can visit by:

You can also visit the services in other languages like:

Other languages are not listed here. Visitors can select their own languages in the page’s language box.


Here are some common links for further information:

We buzz together @ WeBuzz.IM .

(c) WeBuzz.IM 2010

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Help Needed: Can You Access These Files?

We are dedicating to provide better accessibility for web IM services.Even though we have a list of servers, we still receive lots of reports saying that our servers are blocked in their networks.  Here we could like to ask you a question in order to provide you a better solution.

Can you access these files?

  • If it is accessible, not being blocked, it will (Firefox, Chrome, Opera …) show  a page with something like:

    var isSSL = (window.location.toString ().indexOf (“https”) == 0);

    or (Internet Explorer) showing a download dialog ( you can cancel it ).

  • If it is blocked already, it will show noting or show a page saying connection reset or other error messages.

Please leave a comment, telling that all are accessible or which one is blocked. Thanks!

The better web IM solution is coming, please keep tuned!

BTW: Update v20100412 has been rolled out already.

– – We buzz together @ WeBuzz.IM .

var isSSL = (window.location.toString ().indexOf ("https") == 0);
var winLoc = window.location.toString ();
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Update v20100406: Fixed Stability Problems

We are very pleased to announce WeBuzz.IM update v20100406. After busy work of holiday and weekend, we fixed some known stability problems and pushed out update v20100406.

So, WeBuzz.IM is considered much stabler.

Please let us know your feedback or your problems. We are always dedicating to build web IM services with better security, accessibility and user experience.

– – We buzz together @ WeBuzz.IM .

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WeBuzz Web IM Update v20100402

WeBuzz web IM v20100402 update has been rolled out: Fixing bugs, improving connectivity and performance for IE users.

Some users reported that is blocked by their networks. In such cases, we recommend you and your friends to visit our latest mirror services on .

The whole WeBuzz.IM service servers is listed as below:

  1. (Primary server, recommended)
  2. (Secondary server, if is not working)
  3. (Secondary server, if is not working)
  7. (New, if all the above servers are blocked)
  8. (Java2Script concept demos)

Please check these servers one by one if you find your network blocked WeBuzz.IM. And don’t forget to give feedback. We would like to hear your problems and give our helps.

– – We buzz together @ WeBuzz.IM . We are dedicating to build web IM services with better security, accessibility and user experience.

P.S. is the server providing KeX Mail service, which is the same web email service of WeMail that is provided by .

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Update 20100324

We are constantly updating WeBuzz.IM services in the past two months, from server side to client side. In the previous few weeks, we has pushed lots of server side updates. And now these two days, we are pushing out client/browser side update v20100324, fixing IE bugs and others.
If you have any problems with this new version, please report bugs to us. Thanks!

– – We buzz together @ WeBuzz.IM

WeBuzz.IM service server list (includes mirror servers):

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WeBuzz.IM Supports Facebook Chat Now

We are very pleased to announce that WeBuzz.IM now supports Facebook Chat.

Lots of people ask for Facebook Chat support since WeBuzz.IM is online. And now it comes. According to Facebook Chat XMPP support, you must have a username first, before you can use Facebook Chat outside its website. So if you have no short username yet, try to get one from Facebook official website:

1. Go to account settings:

Open Facebook Account Settings

Open Facebook Account Settings

2. Change username, check availability and confirm about your username.

3. Logout and login again to make the username working. If you do not logout and login again, you still can not login to Facebook Chat outside its official website.

4. To use WeBuzz.IM multiple protocol web IM services, please visit After page is loaded, click the bottom Facebook icon to launch Facebook Chat window, and enter your given username and password …

You can visit the following links to launch Facebook Chat directly:

Please report bugs and let us know about your thought.

– – We buzz together @ WeBuzz.IM

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Relaunch WeBrowse by

We are very happy to announce that our KaKooLa ( [ka:’ku:la:] ) service is online now.

About 3 months ago, we launched WeBrowse, a social browsing service providing funny or beautiful photos for our visitors. We embedded WeBrowse service in WeBuzz.IM homepage, so our users can enjoy those photos which are collected by millions of Chinese people.

KaKooLa is the same services of WeBrowse, but adding more. Besides photos, we add videos and text posts into the list. And a lot more posts are collected. Former WeBrowse has some thousand photo posts. And now KaKooLa has more than 100 thousand posts. And KaKooLa has a new page layout for fast browsing.

And here is our entry for different languages:

You can choose your language in the upper-corner language box.

Enjoy web browsing at KaKooLa. Have funs.

– – We browse and we buzz together @ KaKooLa and WeBuzz.IM

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WeBuzz.IM 2010 First Update and More Service Domains

Two goode news for 2010:

1. We has upgraded WeBuzz.IM services. So our servers now accept more connections and provide stabler chatting experience.

2. We has added two more mirror server domains for WeBuzz.IM web chatting services: and .

We are always improving our web IM services, please give us your opinions to make WeBuzz.IM much better.

— We Buzz Together

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More Room for Chatting

WeBuzz.IM has rolled out another update v20090919, hiding description texts and hiding logo panel to leave more room.In a result, you may find your chatting background is much cleaner, and you can enjoy a happier web chatting experience.

1. Hiding description text automatically for those old users who use WeBuzz.IM for more than 3 times. Here are two pictures to show the differences.


And before hiding texts, it is considered as very crowd:


You can click “<” or “>” button to toggle text description:


2. We support another option to hide IM main window’s logo panel. In a result, you may get longer friend list.





In some earlier updates, we have already removed ads from chatting dialog and we will automatically hide our bottom quick launch bar and tray task corner. All those changes are following the principle of leaving more room for web IM chatting.

We always take improving web chatting user experience as the most important job for WeBuzz.IM. Please give us feedbacks to make improvements.

– – We buzz together @ WeBuzz.IM

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Adding Web Jabber/XMPP and Improving Web Gtalk


We are very pleased to announce that WeBuzz.IM supports web Jabber/web XMPP ( ) from now on. And WeBuzz.IM’s web Gtalk is improved to support Google Apps users.

Jabber/XMPP is an open and widely used IM protocol. The well know Google Talk is using Jabber/XMPP. And there are lots of jabber servers besides Gtalk and server . You can google “jabber server list” for more jabber servers. It seems that lots of server provide Gtalk/MSN/AIM/Yahoo! Messenger/ICQ/QQ gateway for its users. To learn more about Jabber/XMPP, please visit and .

To login your jabber, you should login Jabber with full email address. The string “<user name>@<jabber server name>” will tell WeBuzz.IM that you want to login jabber server with your user name.


We also improve our web Gtalk service to support Google Apps users. You can login Googl Talk with extra “@<your domain>” in the username field to tell WeBuzz.IM that you are using different email rather than those “”.


– – We buzz together @ WeBuzz.IM

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