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Adding Web ICQ and Updating Web AIM

WeBuzz web AIM and ICQ

We are pleased to announce WeBuzz.IM‘s latest update v20090909. We add web ICQ service ( and update our existed web AIM service (

We unplug web AIM support in last month because it made all the web IM services unstable. And now we reimplement the web AIM. And besides, we also add web ICQ support, as ICQ and AIM are in the same IM protocol, belonging to AOL LLC.

So we will add more IM supports later and making our web IM services more and more stable.

– – We buzz together @ WeBuzz.IM

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We Are Updating v20090829

You may not get notified that we have rolled out several updates since last posts. So here is the feature list:

  1. Support Internet Explorer 8.0. Now you can use IE 8.0 to use WeBuzz.IM, all the UI is neat and it is a little faster than IE 7.0 or IE 6.0.
  2. Support remembering multiple user account for each IM. If you have more than one accounts in Gtalk/MSN/Yahoo! Messenger, you can login all of them with a click on a drop down list.
  3. Improving performance for Internet Explore 6.0. It seems that IE 6.0 is too slow for modern web applications. But there are lots users still using IE 6.0. We will try our best to support all those users. But we do recommend those IE 6.0 users to upgrade to IE 8.0 or change to Firefox 3.0+, Chrome, IE 6.0+, Opera 9.0+ or Safari 3.1+.
  4. Removing ads from chatting dialogs. It would leave more room for your chatting. And ads won’t attract too much of your attentions any more. We think this change would improve your chatting user experiences.
  5. Other bug fixes.

Our current version of WeBuzz.IM is v20090829.

– – We buzz together @ WeBuzz.IM

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Update v20090717 More Stable

From our web Gtalk/MSN/Yahoo services monitoring, we could see that the services is not stable in the last few days. And we, WeBuzz.IM team, is managed to make several hot-fix updates. And we are happy to announce that our services are more stable now. Thanks for using WeBuzz.IM services. We are always dedicating to build web IM services with better security, accessibility and user experience.

Every services may have stable issues. So even we think current service statuses are more stable, we are sure that more problems should be fixed. We are open to any stability issue. Please let us know if you have any problem! We may fix it in next update (in next day or in next few hours). Please send us feedback, thanks a lot.

— We buzz together @ WeBuzz.IM

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Hello Myanmar Friends

These days, thousands of visitors flushed in from Union of Myanmar. We really welcome any friend in the world to use our web gtalk servcies. WeBuzz.IM team is dedicating to build web IM services with better security, accessibility and user experience.

With some chattings with those visitors, we learned that network in Myanmar is not very good. So WeBuzz.IM is their choices for a better place for their Google Talk communications.

And we always listen to our visitors carefully. We also learned these days that lots of visitors would also like the feature of web gmail for them. We will make our effort to develop a web gmail. Please keep tuned.

Lots of Myanmar friends tried to talk to WeBuzz.IM team members. As we were busy with fixing bugs and implementing new features. Sometimes, we  did not response your messages. We were very sorry. Hope these friends understand that we are realy busy. So if you want to talk to us, you can email us or leave messages here. We will make a response when we are available. Thanks!

BTW: We update frequently. The current update is v20090709.

BTW 2: We does not understand myanmar language, so don’t send us messages in myanmar. English please.

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WeBuzz’s Casual CPU 100% Bug is Fixed

Some users said that using WeBuzz.IM may cause CPU 100% usage and freeze the whole browser. It happens casually but it do cause lots of inconveniences. We are really very sorry about the inconveniences causing by this bug. We spent lots of time trying to find the bug. When finding the bug, we were doing lots of improvement at the same time.

Now we are very pleased to announce that CPU 100% usage bug is FIXED. And we are rolling out WeBuzz.IM update v20090506.

We are always do our best to provide better web IM user experiences. Please give us feedback or report bugs to make WeBuzz.IM client much better.

– We buzz together @ WeBuzz.IM

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WeBuzz.IM Update 20090503

We are very pleased to annouce that WeBuzz.IM’s has updated on May 3rd,2009:

  • Much stabler on server side than previous updates, supporting more simultaneous online users
  • Support of AIM is improved: fixing incorrect status update bug and login timeout bug, adding stabler avatar supports
  • Other bug fixings

Tips: As services are more and more stable, you can leave your IM open for days. You can hiberate your computer without logging out, WeBuzz.IM client will reconnect for you automatically the next time when you restart your computer.

For more tips and updates, please visit and follow WeBuzz.IM @

– We buzz together @ WeBuzz.IM

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WeBuzz.MSN Update 20090410

We are updating our services frequently these days, in order to make our web IM services stabler. And here comes the MSN update 20090410

1. Bug fixing for unable to log into Windows Live Messenger/MSN
2. Bug fixing for incorrect contact status in MSN
3. Better avatar support in MSN

We will always be improving our web IM service. And your feedback is critical for a better web IM.

– We buzz together @ WeBuzz.IM

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WeBuzz.IM Service Update v20090402

We are very sorry that our services are not stable these day, especially these two days. Some user report bugs. Thanks very much!

And we are rolling out another big update: v20090402. It is considered much stabler. Thanks in advance for your feedback, which always makes WeBuzz.IM a lot better.

BTW: If anyone would like to rollback to 2009 March version, please visit here in new window.

– We buzz together @ WeBuzz.IM

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Better Performance

We are improving WeBuzz.IM client’s performance these days. And we just have released our 20090313 version.

IE 6.0 users may benefit from this update mostly. In IE 6.0, the client’s UI may not be responsible on mouse dragging and dropping or other operations. And the most annoying thing is that WeBuzz.IM client becomes un-operatable after logging in for about an hour. Really bad performance! Now we are very pleased to tell you that these scenarios get improved for all browsers, especially for IE 6.0.

WeBuzz.IM’s client is a little heavy on loading as it uses lots of JavaScript. The performance of JavaScript will never be good enough for us. Thanks for all those innovations on browsers, we get JavaScript performance improved a lot. The JavaScript engine inside Firefox, Safari, Google Chrome or Opera runs very fast, enough for WeBuzz.IM client to run smoothly.

But lots of our users still use IE 6.0 (about 25% of WeBuzz.IM’s daily visitors). IE 6.0 is really old ( 8+ years old), and its performance is really frustrating. Here again, seriously, we recommend our IE 6.0 users upgrading to IE 7.0, or switching to Firefox, Safari, Google Chrome or Opera, which are a lot faster.

No matter what browsers you are using, we are always making improvements for better web IM experience. You may notice these performance improvement, or you may find other bad things which annoy you, please leave us comments or file bugs. We are listening.

Quicker loading, smaller memory usage, faster UI, … , better web IM user experience are all our concerns.

– We buzz together @ WeBuzz.IM

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Support Password Remembering in WeBuzz.IM

We just updated our web Gtalk/MSN/AIM/Y!Messenger, fixing bugs and adding a “remembering password” feature for daily users ( Feature is only enabled for site ) .

Your password is NOT remembered on our servers. The password is remembered on your browser’s cookie. You can clear cookie or unselect “Remember password” option and login again to clean the remembered password, whenever you think it’s necessary.

You password is encrypted using RSA alogorithm before being remembered in browser’s cookie. And no one could crack your real password out of RSA-encrypted password text. No one could peek your password. In one word, your remembered password is safe.

We are always making our best to make our web IM services secure and convenient.

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