Feature Request

If you feel unsatisfactorily about izuz.net’s current web IM services, or you have any good ideas about web IM services, please feel free to make a feature request by leaving comments. We will take your requests into consideration for the next updates as quick as possible.

Thanks for your support.

266 Responses to Feature Request

  1. Prasad says:

    The Gtalk version has stopped working at my workplace. I can login, see online users.. but that screen never refreshes.. if I attempt to Talk, messages are not delivered to friends… besides, the interface has gotten slower than before… and load-up times in Moz & IE are comparable.

    Thanks for the great tool u’ve made, I kinda rely on it, so plz Fix It.
    Thanks again.

  2. admin says:

    @ Prasad
    Thanks for reporting your problem. Try copy and paste following text into address bar and press Enter key before you login:

    javascript:net.sf.j2s.ajax.SimplePipeRequest.switchToQueryMode (750);

    Hope this tip may help, or wait for coming bug-fix.

  3. SAGA says:


    It will be nice if you give some widget or embed link so that we can have your gtalk in our webpage or blog…..

    And my college is blocking izuz.net 🙁 is there any way so that i can use izuz…????

    Can i get the source code of javascripts and use them to build my own?

  4. admin says:

    Hi SAGA,

    Copy the link location of the upper-left “Java2Script Google Talk”, and paste into any web pages, it should work. I just tested in blogspot.com, but not completely layout correctly.

    If izuz.net is blocked, what about http://demo.java2script.org/gtalk/

    And in the coming release, more servers will be available for those being blocked.

    And sure, you can build all the things by yourself. It is an open source project. Please visit http://j2s.sourceforge.net/ for more information.

  5. George says:

    Hi Saga,
    Certain times I felt that users are sending messages But it never reaches me.In normal Gtalk usually it comes as offline message once we login But in this case., it never comes and PPl think we dont reply.
    2) There is a minimise window for the javascript Gtalk but if we click on it it dissappears but still we will be online and no way to bring it back .
    3)Some times it gets stuck and we wont be able to notice whether its working ( may be network Problem like too much load) but it doesnt show the status…
    Any way thanks for starting such an initiate when in company they have blocked email and chat using Websense…

  6. admin says:

    Hi George,
    For minimized window, please move your mouse to the middle-left side of the browser, there will pop up a panel for you to bring back your gtalk window.

    And thanks for other requests, we will take them into our next update.

  7. Igal says:

    How can I change my nickname?

    Also, I choose to see the pictures, but a standard shadow of a head is the only thing that is being displayed for everybody.

  8. admin says:

    Currently, you can not change your nickname. Go visiting your google account page or live messenger account page to modify it.

    Currently only gtalk supports avatar picture. MSN, AIM and YMsg’s avatar is still being developing. If all your friends have no avatar, you will get the standard-head avatar too.

  9. admin says:

    Now version 20080929 of MSN/Live Messenger and AIM supports avatars already. Please check it out at both http://izuz.net/ and http://uziz.net/

  10. keith says:

    how do i add the gtalk and yahoo messenger…widget or the script to my blog site….moreover would this block the access to the widgets at work…since i access the widgets from uziz.net

  11. admin says:

    The web IM widget for other sites is still being developed. We will release it later.

  12. satish says:

    at my office —gmail has stop working—hw can i access mine?

  13. amanda says:

    should add myspace im

  14. AJ says:

    hey izuz,

    your website is great! i use it all the time! although their is 2 things i wish tht could change… wen i sign on, alot of my friends are mobile… i cant tell if they r mobile or not from using izuz. Another thing is tht wen i txt my girlfriend fone from izuz she sends me alot of hearts like “<3” but they dont send through on this.. is their anyway to fix these??


  15. AJ says:

    now wen i txt my girlfriends phone # it shows her as being offline… coulz u fix this??


  16. admin says:

    We will look into your feature requests and your problems. And we will make updates frequently.
    Thanks for your reporting.

  17. AJ says:

    hey izuz,

    do u think their is a way to put a link in their so we can c other peoples buddy info??

  18. admin says:

    You mean other buddy info besides name, avatar, status, email?
    On google talk, yahoo! messenger or msn?

    Thanks for letting us know what you concern.

  19. AJ says:

    yes, They hav buddy info that they type out on aim. that would b great if u could give us links to c them, and also a link for me to edit my buddy info.


  20. santosh says:

    after login when loading, the time taken is too much. [i have 200+ contacts in gmail]

    from where does gtalk load the friend list? orkut or gmail or both?

    blocking/removing a person doesnt work properly.
    after blocking a person, if u logout and login, he is again unblocked/added again :O
    please let me know

  21. AJ says:

    i still can not see wen my buddys r mobile or not.. plz help.

    thank you,

    Aaron Lopez

  22. AJ says:

    I still cannot see if people are mobile… please fix this.. my friends dont like to be texted on their phones and i cant tell if they are on their phones or not anymore..

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  24. umesh says:

    hi can use orkut using izuz??? why i m asking because i m not able to use my university net connection to use orkut. if u can help me out

  25. admin says:

    Orkut support is not in the schedule for the near future.

  26. Dheena says:

    The show curent music track status message option is not working…or what are the players supported

  27. admin says:

    “curent music track status message” is not currently supported.
    We can enable this feature on Winamp player with “Now Playing” plugin, it may not come in near future as other feature are still under development.

  28. virolman says:

    Maybe you can add a Second Life service to we can connects to the virtual world and can send IM to our friends online in SL, is just an idea, this service actually works in some web based messengers like in http://www.gnomiverse.com
    Your service is excellent thanks 🙂

  29. admin says:

    Thinking and investigating SL IM … Not quite sure it will be supported or not at this time of writing … 🙂

  30. virolman says:

    Thanks, for your answer, Im sure that you can add this protocol in the future 🙂

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  32. Virolman says:

    I found some interesting info to can help to add Second Life Protocol to your exellent service. Exist an open free product called SLiteChat and in the web page I found full library used to create this product you can check that in http://slitechat.dooglio.net/docs/index.html 😉 I just want to do your service the great service including new protocols.


  33. WeBuzz says:

    Thanks. We will look into it.

  34. tina says:

    The office fireward keep blocking Facebook. Request for facebook to be added to in buzz like msn.and messenger. Thank you

  35. WeBuzz says:

    We will think about Facebook. 🙂

  36. koaung says:

    how to open this web?

  37. jhone says:

    He write website for your project?
    I want to learn you.
    ok thank

  38. y2k says:

    who r u?

  39. John says:

    I have been having issues with the yahoo messenger feature. it seems that when i log in, I can see my contacts, but when I open an IM the box to enter text is greyed out and I cannot actually IM. I have used IE and Firefox and I dont get any java Errors when I am on the site, and the other IM Clients work fine with no issues

  40. John says:

    In addition I have also noticed that my contacts can IM me, but i cannot IM them back, since it is greyed out

  41. WeBuzz says:


    We have just rolled out another update and the web Yahoo! Messenger bug you described is fixed in this update.

    Thanks for reporting bugs.

    For more updates, you can follow WeBuzz.IM at http://twitter.com/webuzzim

  42. John says:

    It is working now, thanks for all your hard work guys, we all appreciate what you are doing here

  43. Hi Admin,

    What language was Gtalk client written in?
    You stated it was C or C++
    I used to think it was python.
    Please confirm.
    I want to use your javascript for an application.

  44. WeBuzz says:

    @Lord Frederick
    It is written in Java. And it is compiled into JavaScript by Java2Script compiler ( http://j2s.sourceforge.net/ ).

    Please tell more details about how you want to embed our WeBuzz.IM. And have you read the post

  45. ejon says:

    hi admin,

    this application is so great. Its run smoothly. Btw I suggest you to create interface and background for the website. 😀


  46. Manoj says:


    I liked webuzz very much. But I have few points in case you can provide these also. When I login into Yahoo messenger using webuzz.in then it does not show me groups which i have setup in yahoo messenger. Also, i had set myself invisible for some users but here in webuzz.in I am not able to do that.


  47. WeBuzz says:

    Thanks for your sugguestion

    Currently we haven’t support groups and invisible status, we will count you +1 for these two featuers

  48. JWang says:

    I’m trying to get on IM services at work and have been trying for 2 weeks. I’ve gone through proxies but no site works. I even tried Meebo repeater, but it keeps failing to activate. Is there a way I can use your services to get onto AIM or GChat at work? Please e-mail me and let me know, thanks!

  49. WeBuzz says:

    You can use WeBuzz.IM’s web Gtalk/GChat by http://webuzz.im/
    If WeBuzz.IM’s web AIM is not working, take a try on http://webuzz.im/beta.html

  50. viveka says:

    The voice chat is disabled, is it possible to do voice chat using this where it is blocked?

  51. WeBuzz says:

    voice chat is not supported in this webuzz.im services now. it might be supported in the future, but not in the near future.

  52. suresh naik says:

    what’s the use of webuzz

  53. Phil says:

    Thanks so much for the wonderful IM service…
    My school blocked msn, and most web msn sites…

    you guys rock! keep up the good work!

    BUT, just one thing, i kept logging off, it says i’ve logged in in an another location, but its not possible. I have also changed my password, it still don’t work!

    Can you help me to take a look towards that? Thanks!

  54. WeBuzz says:

    The MSN messenger logging off now and then saying logged in another location is a bug of WeBuzz.IM. We will try to fix it in the future update, Stay tuned.

  55. Phil says:

    thanks a lot.

    i like your im service a lot!

  56. saranraj says:

    I got few much idea about your information. now i want to download the plugin. please send the url of download option to me.


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  58. I use ur site regularly very good work thanks! when I try to sign in multiple msn accounts, I get same nick name for all msn messenger windows, would like to see what ever nick I had set in my msn with the status as well.


  59. Also I forgot to mention that the blocking and deleting feature of contacts on msn does not work fine, is it browser compatible or some other issue?

    Eagerly waiting for your response.


  60. bala says:

    if u give nice background in the back means ……it will be cool dude!!!!!!!!!!!

  61. Nikita says:

    cn you make the msn like the windows live messenger…. it would be so much better! thnx xxxxxx

  62. Nikita says:

    heyya, i would alo like it( not trying to be harsh) but can you like some1 else said, a nice knew background, and you can chose a knew one from a list every now and then!

  63. santhosh says:


  64. WeBuzz says:

    We are listening to all feature request, and will implement the those feasible features in later updates

  65. Tiago says:

    I would like to say thank you for the good work. It´s the only way to use MSN here at work. Thanks for the site!

  66. Tiago says:

    Oh.. and I forgot to ask. When I minimize the browser is there some way to blink the chat window like in msn? Because I can´t stay with the webuzz site open all the time here. Thanks

  67. WeBuzz says:

    You may notice that if there are new messages arriving, the browser window’s title will be blinking by adding and changing “{1}”/”[1]” prefix.

  68. Peter says:

    I would suggest to make not only the gtalk available, but to find out a way to access my gmail account as well (fom behind the company web filter).
    Thanks guys for all the running service!

  69. Dooglio Mode says:

    Thanks Virolman for the kind words about SLiteChat!

    WebBuzz, if you are interested in using my library, please contact me and I will be glad to help you anyway I can. I don’t know if you do any work with C++, but that is the target language for LLChatLib.

  70. WeBuzz says:

    @Dooglio Mode
    Thanks for your kindness.
    We know C++. But WeBuzz use Java related technologies in the backend. Using C++ library may require us lots of work and time. So we prefer to Java library, if there are any libraries available.
    And as we are busy with other feature these days, we are not trying to support Second Life Chat at this time of writing.

  71. WeBuzz says:

    Background image for WeBuzz is now supported, please try it out.

  72. Jordon says:

    Success is not the result of spontaneous combustion. You must set yourself on fire.

  73. DVLNarayana says:

    i am using gtalk it is very nice
    but in Gmail i am not able to read Complete message which i got the mails and i am not able to download the files and Upload the files .
    plz give me the solution

  74. DVLNarayana says:

    i am using gtalk it is very nice
    but in Gmail i am not able to read Complete message which i got the mails and i am not able to download the files and Upload the files .
    plz give me the solution

  75. WeBuzz says:

    Thanks for reporting WeMail problems.

    Uploading/downloading attachment file is not supported yet. We may add this feature in future updates. Please keep tuned.

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  77. &R3A says:

    I know I’m not the firt one, but when we will have the facebook chat?

  78. duhan says:

    five words: its very good

  79. DVLNarayana says:

    i am using gtalk in ie7 .problem is one horizantal scroll bar is covering the message typing textbox i can able to send the message but i cant see the message plz give me the solution..

  80. WeBuzz says:

    Got your problem.

    We recommend you use browse Google Chrome or Firefox to avoid this problem before we could release the fixed update.

    BTW: Google Chrome or Firefox is a lot faster than IE7 or IE8.

  81. Suhas says:

    This Gtalk is disconnected after every 20 minuts.This issue is with gtalk only…not with internate network.Please look in to this.

  82. WeBuzz says:

    Thanks for reporting this problem. We will try to look into it.

  83. Munga says:

    Dear admin can i have the jabber based im web interface for my personal mail server use i am using jabber server with pidgin but i dont have any web based im client. so it is my kind request to you if possible please allow me to download the jabber IM client.

    Thanks & Regards.

  84. WeBuzz says:

    Does WeBuzz.IM’s web client works for you Jabber server?
    If yes, you can embed WeBuzz.IM web Jabber client similar embeding WeBuzz.IM web MSN/Gtalk described in page: http://blog.izuz.net/category/developer/ . For jabber, you may change script URL to http://webuzz.im/jabber.js

  85. Jas says:


    The website is great, good job !

    I’m not able to access my facebook account at work, can u help with that.


  86. WeBuzz says:

    We will take Facebook IM request into future feature list. Keep tuned

  87. Nilesh says:

    I am always getting an Error as ‘Illegal Semicolon, Not In Group’, when signing in to hotmail

  88. WeBuzz says:

    Thanks for reporting problems, we have just fixed your problem. Please try to signing in again. Please let us know if you have further problems.

  89. Asker Ali says:

    I am using weBuzz in my blog, But when i required to add onclick functionality with some of the components it is not working,
    I found that all the actions are captured by J2S Some object. if i required to add so, what are the options i have.

    Asker Ali M

  90. Stephen says:

    I think you should make a way to paste a code of these chats on our websites.

  91. mahendhran says:

    Sorry webuzz team.. you HAVE to go a very long way buddy……..

  92. WeBuzz says:

    Ya, we have lots to be improved. If you have any thoughts, please let us know. Thanks

  93. AamokK says:

    Why not to hide de MSN LOGO at the upper left corner?? my boss walks by my back continiusly lol.

  94. WeBuzz says:

    You might double click on the blue to hide those logos.

  95. Saqip says:

    I can se my past chat but not all of it. Is posible to access to all chat history?

  96. WeBuzz says:

    You can only see past chats since you were using webuzz.im. We may store your past chats on different webuzz.im service server, so you might see only part of it.
    We will find a solution for your feature request, keep tuned.

  97. Saqip says:

    I all past chat history I can se only 103 lines, and a harebly nead more. I have something very important there, if if I give ju my login name and pasword, is it posible that ju can find all my chat history and mailit to my

  98. WeBuzz says:

    You can try to login from http://webuzz.im/ or login from http://java2script.org/ , it will result in logging into different servers, after logging in, wait some seconds, and then try to view past chats, you will find you past chats there.

  99. Saqip says:

    Thnx, I have finde some more but still nead for some. Please help me more.

  100. WeBuzz says:

    Finally, we found out that it is a bug that WeBuzz.IM’s past chats do not show the “Older” link for more history chats.

    You can try to view past chats again, and click the “Older” link at the bottom, it will show you more chats.

    Thanks for your patience. And let us know your further problems if there are any.

  101. Gustavo says:

    i cant connect o GTalk on my workplace.
    server failed.

  102. prasad says:

    not updating frequently… so we are facing wrong status of users..

  103. WeBuzz says:

    What do you mean by “wrong status of users”? Is the status out of date or just show other user’s status to the wrong user? If you give us more information, we will try to fix the problem.

  104. Kanishk says:

    Cn v add faceboook chat here?

  105. sanjeev says:


  106. Kanishk says:


    java2script.net on my internet explorer 7, the typing section of the chat window is too small and i cannot see anything i type, is it possible if the height of that section can be increased?

  107. adikins says:

    is there any link to access facebook from my office.

  108. Gurusank says:


    Can u include Orkut in this tail?


  109. WeBuzz says:

    Got your IE7 problem. We will look into the IE7 input box problem. Before we release bug-fix updates, we recommend you to use Google Chrome as an alternative way to use WeBuzz.IM

    Facebook Chat may be in recent future. Keep tuned.

    We will consider taking Orkut into WeBuzz.IM

    Thanks all of you to give us feedback. You will make WeBuzz.IM better.

  110. Kanishk says:

    All of my friends who are online, their status shows as busy all the time? I am quite sure its not the case.

  111. WeBuzz says:

    We will look into the status problem. Thanks for reporting bugs.

  112. Kanishk says:

    I meant AIM instant messenger particularly in my previous post about the status problem.

  113. WeBuzz says:

    Thanks for helping us to locate the problem. Now it is fixed. And we will make an update tomorrow.


  114. anil says:

    hi i am not able to place long status messages for gtalk, the site rocks though. thanks a lot for this, also if we can have the tab to jump between the people we are talking to it would be awesome.

  115. WeBuzz says:

    Thanks for your feedback, we will consider taking your opinion into our feature list. Thanks

  116. Hello says:

    I could login properly.
    So many time login and logout process.
    Can you please solve my prob.

  117. Kyaw Htut says:

    Thanks you really very very much. I’m from Myanmar and our ISP very often banned Gmail and Gtalk… We r always searching the Proxy number and we use it. But when they know it , banned again.. In Myanmar, 100 % of people who can use internet have gmail account and all use it when they use internet. when they teach how to use internet, Gmail and Gtalk is the first course of To Learning Internet Course.. today, we also can’t use gmail and I found your website.. I really thanks you and I can use gmail.. so,If possible, I want to know how to bypass gmail. Now, we can use with your site. but if your site popular in Myanmar, Your site will be banned. so, When your site banned, how can we use? If possible , learn me and share me.. I really want to help my citizen and wanna use easily internet. Any code to enter at our website to bypass gtalk and gmail.. by the way, Your site is too soft(I mean loading is fast)… we can’t use meebo for gtalk (cos loading is too long time).. that’s why .. We really thanks you .. and I can’t find the word to say you how much we thank and happy for your effort.

    • Ashin Withukha says:

      Government in Burma prohibited access to all web mail except to GMail. It is rumored GMail has undertable agreement with the authorities to access GMail inboxes for political and other activities. Yet authorities stops access to GMail every now and then to their whim and fancy. The whole country is thoroughly
      abused. All Burmese inside always has to look work around these obstacles
      all the time.
      Your good services facilitate their daily struggles.

  118. Aswinq says:


    Its amazing to see your efforts. In my office i can access webmail of gmail due to your website.

    i want to automate the fill of username and password via my vb program.
    In my program i have a webbrowser which navigate: http://webuzz.im/mail/

    how do i autofill the username and password???

    Advance thanks

  119. WeBuzz says:

    Thanks for asking auto-fill feature, we will take it into consideration for future feature.

    @Kyaw Htut
    We will let you know if we find a better solution for you. Thanks.

  120. kunal says:

    hi all

    It is very good site you surf internet access form u r office & block network

    Thanks to all who develop this fantastic site.


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  122. WeBuzz says:

    @adikins @Jas @&R3A @yanantcho @tina
    FYI: Now WeBuzz.IM supports Facebook Chat: http://blog.izuz.net/2010/02/webuzz-im-supports-facebook-chat-now/

  123. &R3A says:

    work ok, very great job!

  124. grateful says:

    would be great if it were a chromium extension for your javascript gtalk client

  125. WeBuzz says:

    Thanks for your comment.

    We will take your request into consideration. Thanks

  126. Anji says:


    Is there any option like Invisible mode in WeBuzz.IM

  127. WeBuzz says:

    WeBuzz.IM does not support invisible mode currently. We will take it into feature consideration. Thanks

  128. Anji.K says:


    Yours WeBuzz is very very nice and good, thanks for your information.

  129. Aamir says:

    while loading it throws error as:
    [Java2Script] Error in loading http://a.webuzz.im/wm-v20100120/im/webuzz/mail/package.js!

  130. WeBuzz says:

    Thanks for reporting this problem.
    What about loading the page again?

  131. praveen says:

    Restore the Scrolling User postings in the home page which are there earlier. I like that feature. Its very attractive too…

  132. WeBuzz says:

    Do you means integration of http://kakoola.com/ photos? That feature only will be available for those visitors who use WeBuzz.IM several times already. If you are using a new machine or a new browser, you should visit WeBuzz.IM several times (take some refreshes might help) before you can see those photos listing.

  133. Derric says:

    we are in great expectation about the new fetures and addons to be lauched here….xpecting the best from ur side

  134. Smiley says:

    Gtalk getting disconnected per 2 mins..saying “You have logged in some other location ”
    Not able to chat with buddies .. please let me know whether i hav to install any plugins or something

  135. Sanjth says:

    Hi this is awesome. One clarification …. will this work for google domains?

  136. Amoy says:

    Why not add QQ to We buzz.im?I used QQ much more than others.thanks.If you will improve it,please email me.

  137. WeBuzz says:

    Supporting QQ is not in feature schedule yet. We might support it in the future. Keep tuned.

  138. tuba says:


  139. Hi,

    Above mention site is our jobsite where i would like to put this feature to chat candidate to each others.

    will it work??

    Pls help if it is possible.

  140. SatyaKiran Watts says:

    Unable to delete/archive mails

  141. Nate says:

    I’d like support for private/opensource Jabber/XMPP solutions like ejabberd


    This would allow us to embed WeBuzz on internal web properties that connected to our private chat server.

    Maybe this already exists because of your Jabber/XMPP support, but I couldn’t get it to work.

  142. WeBuzz says:

    Private internal Jabber/XMPP servers are not supported. WeBuzz.IM Jabber/XMPP only supports those open public Jabber/XMPP servers.

  143. WeBuzz says:

    @SatyaKiran Watts
    We will look into the described mail problems.

  144. Thanks for the awesome thing,I am able to open my gmail through http://demo.java2script.org/mail/ , However no button is working there like delete, move etc.
    Please help.

  145. kanishk says:

    hI i was using webuzz diffrent site name frm long time.bt nw they blocked all of them mentioned on home page.what to do!

  146. WeBuzz says:

    It seems that it was a server bug that make WeBuzz.IM service inaccessible for some users. And it is fixed now.
    If you are one of those users, please take another try.

    @Rishabh Gupta
    We will consider delete/move emails function in our future updates

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  148. How can I change my nickname ?

  149. WeBuzz says:

    Changing nickname is not supported right now. Keep tuned.

  150. Neha says:

    Amazing tool for use in offices where such websites are blocked. 🙂

    • Atul says:

      Hi Neha,
      Could you pls let me know that how to accesss GMail through iziz.net/kexmail because Gmail has been blocked in my office?

  151. WeBuzz says:

    We are nice to hear your feedback.
    If it works for you, please also share it with your friends and colleagues.

  152. paulo says:


    gmail is taling too long to answre, I only get this message:
    || … Loading …

    also, I only can use Chrome. To use Firefox, I have to start from scratch
    last: delete function does’nt work in all accounts


  153. WeBuzz says:

    Thanks for reporting problems.

    It seems that something wrong happens. We will check and fix the problem.

    BTW: You can return and open message again, that may help.

  154. Bhaskar says:

    Hi im not able to open my yahoo or gmail accounts. It is showing some error msg as below:

    Failed to connect by IMAP and POP with error message. [ALERT] Invalid credentials (Failure); [AUTH] Username and password not accepted.

    Please solve this and advise me

    Thank you

  155. WeBuzz says:


    You should input correct username and password to use the web mail client service.

    Be careful about white space or other characters ( do NOT use non-English characters)

  156. $hankar says:

    I have two questions.

    1) can we check Rediff mails..?
    2) I have blog which is not opening in my network due to firewall. is there any solution through WeMail to view my blog.

  157. Rohan says:

    Hi Admin,

    We have WebSence firewall in our office. Earlier WeBuzztogether is working. But now it is also bloked by WebSence firewall. Rest all other links are bloked previously. Sp request you to provide new link or any other method to bypass WebSence firewall.

    ThankYou !

  158. WeBuzz says:

    You can try to access Rediff mails by WeMail. Following these steps:
    1. Choose “Others” in Provider
    2. Click “Configure” to bring up configure dialog
    3. Set server to pop.rediffmail.com & smtp.rediffmail.com respectively.
    4. Try to input your user name and password and “Sign In”

  159. WeBuzz says:


    Have you tried other WeBuzz.IM mirrors, like:

    And are the methods described in “WeBuzz.IM Anywhere” ( http://blog.izuz.net/2010/04/webuzz-im-anywhere-load-web-messengers-from-any-website/ ) working for you?

    BTW: Would you remember the exact date that you found WeBuzzTogether.com was blocked by your WebSense firewall? We recently updated WeBuzz to v20100701 at July 3rd, which may affect your using if you did not take a totally page refreshing. If the date of being blocked might be related to our updates, we will try to avoid to make changes that might be blocked.

  160. Rohan says:

    Hi WeBuzz Team,

    All the above links are previously bloked by WebSence but only webuzztogether was working but from 7 or 8 July it is also blocked Websence message is coming that this site is blocked.

    All other methods are also not working

    Thanks !

  161. WeBuzz says:

    Thanks for your feedback.

    We are packing and testing a downloadable WeBuzz.IM client now. It will be available in these two days. By downloading WeBuzz.IM to your computer and loading it locally, you won’t be blocked any more.

    Please keep tuned.

  162. WeBuzz says:

    @Rohan and others

    We are very pleased to invite you to test our WeBuzz.IM downloadable client. Click the following link to download the client:


    Then extract files and go into the extracted folder, open index.html with your favorite browser. We recommend you to open it with Firefox or Google Chrome. If you are using Internet Explorer, you may need to give the web page rights of running scripts and others controls. Then try to login as you do in our websites.

    Please give us feedback by commenting here . Your comments will help us make WeBuzz.IM better.

    BTW: You need to re-download WeBuzz.IM client if we update our service. Please keep tuned on this blog.

  163. dd13_8 says:

    I was using webuzztogether.com at my office, the others links were blocked by the firewall of my office (Websense). On friday 9th of july I found It was blocked too. Besides, the methods described in “WeBuzz.IM Anywhere”, I tried to load a bookmarked with the URL described there (javascript:$rc=’http://webuzztogether.com/im.js’;d$=document;if((”+window.location).indexOf(‘about:’)==0){d$.open();d$.write(”);d$.close();}else{z$z=d$.createElement(‘SCRIPT’);z$z.src=$rc;d$.getElementsByTagName(‘HEAD’)[0].appendChild(z$z);}void(0);) but It did not work. I really appreciate your help.

  164. WeBuzz says:

    Does the above downloadable WeBuzz.IM client work for you?

  165. dd13_8 says:

    No, the above downloadable WeBuzz.IM client work for me. I downloaded and I opened the index.html with firefox, but there is no a place where I can write my username and password. Thanks.

  166. WeBuzz says:

    Can you see the bottom launch bar? You should click your gtalk/msn icon at the bottom. Try “Refresh” button if necessary.

    BTW: Report error message by Firefox menu “Tools” -> “Error Console” -> “Errors”


  167. dd13_8 says:

    I can not get the bottom launch bar.

    When I open index.html, the web page does not have the launch bar

  168. dd13_8 says:

    Firefox is not reporting any error. Actually, It surprises me that Websense is not blocking this page ( I mean http://blog.izuz.net/feature-request)

  169. WeBuzz says:

    Thanks for your feedback

    What about opening the downloaded client in IE, Google Chorome or other borwsers?

    We check out that http://webuzztogether.com/im.js does not exist, so we add it, you can try the method described in “WeBuzz.IM Anywhere” again.

  170. dd13_8 says:

    I have opened the client with IE and Firefox. None of them loads the bottom launch bar. I am wondering if it is possible that there is any kind of special security at my office besides the Websense, and this special security is blocking the different methods I have tried (also the “WeBuzz.IM Anywhere”).

  171. diamond red says:

    Hey is there a download for the script?
    please reply with email:

  172. WeBuzz says:

    Thanks for your feedback. We will try to find out why the downloaded WeBuzz.IM isn’t working for you.

    @diamon red
    There is a link the above comments, please try to download it.

  173. dd13_8 says:

    I really appreciate it

  174. MK says:

    I have opend the downloaded client in IE. It was working fine for the first time, after that when i tried to login, it shows connecting, but not getting connected to.

  175. WeBuzz says:

    What about closing it and re-opening ? If you have other browsers, like Google Chrome, Firefox or Opera, what about running the client in those browsers?

  176. MK says:

    Thanks for your reply.

    Tried several times closing and opening it, but still not connecting. Don’t have any other browers in our office.

  177. WeBuzz says:


    Please download the updated WeBuzz.IM client v20100714:


    Then extract files and go into the extracted folder, open index.html with your favorite browser. We recommend you to open it with Firefox or Google Chrome. If you are using Internet Explorer, you may need to give the web page rights of running scripts and others controls. Then try to login as you do in our websites.

    Please give us feedback by commenting here . Your comments will help us make WeBuzz.IM better.

  178. MK says:

    Thanks !!

    It’s woking fine now.

  179. dd13_8 says:

    Thanks for your feedback.

    The index.html file loads when I open it with the browser (IE and Firefox), however the page it opens does not show the bottom launch bar.

  180. WeBuzz says:

    Do you extract the downloaded file? How many files do you get? It should be 42 files with 14 folders.

  181. WeBuzz says:

    For downloading or updating WeBuzz.IM offline web messenger, please visit http://webuzz.im/downloads.html .
    We will keep releasing updates there.

  182. WeBuzz says:

    OK, thanks for your reporting. We will try to find out other ways for users to download or update WeBuzz.IM offline web messenger.

  183. Rohan says:


    Webuzz desktop application is not getting connected to gtalk server.

    I think it is also blocked by websence

  184. WeBuzz says:

    Thanks for your feedback.
    We will try to find out other ways for users to use WeBuzz.IM services.

  185. dd13_8 says:

    THANK YOU GUYS!!!! It is finally working!!!

    Since the client v20100714 was not working despite all the suggestions u gave me, I downloaded it at my home, then I extracted the files with my laptop and I copied these files in a USB. I paste these files at my office´s PC, and it worked. Thank you!!!!

  186. WeBuzz says:

    Really feel great to hear that it works for you!!!

    Is it that downloading offline web messenger directly from office and PC and extracting files result in incorrect files and folders, as my previous comments pointing out 42 files and 14 folders?

    Thanks for your feedback.

  187. dd13_8 says:

    Yes. I do not know why but when I donwloaded the files at my home with my computer and extracted the files with it, the WeBuzz.IM client v20100714 worked at my office. Maybe at my office there is some configuration that avoid extracting correctly the 42 files and 14 folders, but with my home´s computer there wasn´t any problem.

  188. WeBuzz says:

    You can tell us which software you were using to extract files.
    We compressed those files with 7-zip. Maybe 7-zip uses some incompatible options, which is not supported by your office system or software.

  189. Rohan says:

    Hi Team,

    Your latest download of offline web messenger is also not working in my office. I think websence firewall is also blocking out going connections also.


  190. WeBuzz says:

    Thanks for your patience.
    It seems that offline web messenger works for some user but you. Could you take some more time help us to checking our WeBuzz.IM service accessibility? It may help us to find a solution for you.

    Here are instructions, please give us feedback. Thanks!

    Thanks for your feedback. I would like you to make some checking so we can make our services available to your networks with firewall.

    1. Checking accessibilities

    2. Checking error messages in Firefox
    open “Error Console” by menu “Tools”->”Error Console”, clear all error messages, and then reload webuzztogether.com or other urls.
    Copy, paste and email error messages back to me.

    3. Checking resources loading in Firefox by Firebug, if possible
    Install Firefox Add-on Firebug by visiting and clicking “Add to Firefox” button:

    Restart Firefox so that Firebug finishes installation. Visit our services, and click Firebug’s “bug” icon the status bar, switch to “Net” tab in the Firebug box. Click the “Net” tab’s drop-down menu and choose “Enable” to enable network monitor. Try to reload our service page for some times.
    Tell us which files is not loaded, the “Status” text will be in red or it keep loading but without stopping for more than 30s. Normal loading should finished within 30s with “Status” message “200 OK” or “304 Not Modified”.

  191. dd13_8 says:

    Hi Webuzz team,

    The software I used in my office to extract the downloaded file was Winzip 8.1, and it did not work; on the other hand, the software I used at home to extract the downloaded file was Winrar. This extraction finally worked in my office´s PC. Maybe ROHAN should try to download and extract the file in his house an then put those files in his office´s PC. It could work.

  192. WeBuzz says:

    Thanks for your feedback. We will investigating those softwares.

  193. Rohan says:

    Hi Webuzz Team,

    I am not undestanding what you are saying. I have already downloaded your offlne messanger but that is not connecting when I try to login.
    The below mention links are not block rest all links are blocked and I am able to download js files from these links .So tell me waht I have to do now.


  194. WeBuzz says:

    Open file “z.js” with your favorite editor, (e.g. Notepad), insert the following new line at the beginning of “z.js”:


    save the editing and try to open offline web messenger again.

    If you still can not login, copy the following line into the address bar and press enter:


    And refresh offline web messenger.

    Please let us know, if you still can not login. Thanks for your feedback.

  195. Gustavo says:

    maybe you can work on Skype!!

  196. WeBuzz says:

    Thanks for asking Skype support.
    Currently Skype protocol is not open for third parties. So Skype may not be supported in the near future.

  197. Rohan says:

    Great Work Team !

    Its slow but it works !!!!!!!!!

    I also want to join your Team can you tell me how to join Webuzz Team ?

    Thanks & Regards

  198. WeBuzz says:

    Feel really great that finally WeBuzz.IM offline web messenger works for you!

    If you find it slow, you may switch Google Chrome browser, if possible.

    Current WeBuzz team is privately held. Currently, we have no position for public joining.

    BWT: WeBuzz.IM use Java2Script technology. And Java2Script ( http://j2s.sourceforge.net/ ) is an open source project, whom you can try to help. 🙂

  199. JOAO says:

    How do I upload my photo to the messenger?

  200. WeBuzz says:

    Currently uploading photo is not supported yet.
    Please keep tuned.

  201. srinu says:

    thanks for demo.java2scipt.org ……………in my college orkut is blocked. there is any way

    to open orkut plssss tell me…….

  202. srinu says:

    thanks to http://demo.java2script.org/ ……………………..in my college orkut is blocked there is any way 2 open orkut ……..

  203. Ahmed says:

    Need login to Messenger in Invisible or Offline status

    As far as I know Webuzz does not allow me to login to Yahoo Messenger as invisible or offline status. Can you add this feature or explain how to it, please?

    Many Thanks

  204. WeBuzz says:

    It seems that you can try to login orkut chat using Gtalk

    Thanks for this login status feature request. We will try to implement it in our future updates.

  205. Priya says:

    In my college yahoo mail is blocked.. Plz tel me d way to open it……….

  206. Zhou Renjian says:

    You can access yahoo mail by http://webuzz.im/mail/

  207. coral says:

    I used googletalk in webuzz, but after I log off, someone can still see me on webuzz. Is it safe? how can i log out completely?

  208. Zhou Renjian says:

    You are safe to use WeBuzz.IM .
    It is a BUG that you are kept online even if you log yourself off. We are still working to fixed it. You can try to login again and log off again to make sure you are logged off. Most users can get logged off by this way. If it is still not working for you, our servers will restart everyday, you will get logged off at that time.

  209. MK says:

    It seems like the WeBuzz.IM downloadable client too is blocked. It was working fine till last day. Now it’s showing connecting, but not getting connected to.

  210. Zhou Renjian says:

    Can you see WeBuzz news item?
    And please also key in the following in address bar and press key:


    What is the value in the popup dialog?
    Try to set a new value by:


    And then re-open the client.

    You may have other values, like (You need to add “http://” at the beginning and “/” at the end, like “http://z1.izuz.net/”):

    Please tell us that which value works for you.

    Hope these instructions help you.

    • Zhou Renjian says:

      Modify the above instruction:
      And please also key in the following in address bar and press key:


      What is the value in the popup dialog?
      Try to set a new value by:

      javascript:net.sf.j2s.store.SimpleStore.getDefault().setProperty(“wbzz.last.server”, “http://z1.izuz.net/”);

      And then re-open the client.

  211. Nick says:

    It looks like my workplace is now blocking part of your service. I get the following message in the console:

    [Java2Script] Error in loading http://e.woziger.com/wz-v20100714/im/webuzz/widgets.z.js!

    Is there any work around to this issue? I believe http://e.woziger.com is blocked from my side.

  212. Zhou Renjian says:

    Thanks for reporting problems.

    We recommend you to make sure that e.woziger.com before you do the followings.
    Before we release updates to fix this problem. You can try to block another domain a.woziger.com, so our web messenger will try to load *.js from another domain, may be archive.woziger.com.

    To block a.woziger.com, open C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\hosts with your notepad, add following to the end a.woziger.com
    And save it, reopen your browser and visit our web messenger again.

    Please let us know if you have further problem.

  213. Mohan says:

    [Java2Script] Error in loading http://e.woziger.com/wz-v20100714/im/webuzz/widgets.z.js!

    Even after doing that I am getting the same error.pls help!!!!

  214. Zhou Renjian says:

    Can you open http://e.woziger.com/wz-v20100714/im/webuzz/widgets.z.js ?

    BTW: You can download our WeBuzz.IM offline web messenger and login using it : http://webuzz.im/downloads.html

  215. Gnanesh says:

    hi iam gnanesh when iam open this Before its gmail rows now open this site but not showing rows why this happening please give me advise

  216. giovani says:

    me gustaria saber como recuperar mis historial de comunicacion que tuve tambien con la cam

  217. Zhou Renjian says:

    Lo sentimos, el historial de chat no está disponible ahora.

  218. Fahad Pathan says:

    There are two requested feature, if available kindly let me know.
    1. We should able to see attachments in our email.
    2. There is not access to rediffmail.com, in.com and yahoo.co.in emails.

    • Zhou Renjian says:

      @Fahad Pathan
      Thanks for your feedback.
      We will try to implement the attachment feature.
      It seems that in.com does not support POP&SMTP, so we could not access those mails.
      And rediffmail.com use different user and password rule to login, which our service does not deal it correctly.
      For yaohoo.co.in, you might need to configure POP&SMTP setting: Provider->Other…->Configure->… It might be pop.mail.yahoo.co.in & smtp.mail.yahoo.co.in . Yahoo! Mail has its limit on POP&SMTP services.

      Please let us know if you have problems.

      • Fahad Pathan says:

        @Zhou Renjian
        Thanks for your reply.
        What can be solution for accessing rediffmail.com and in.com mails?
        Looking forward to hear from you.

        • Zhou Renjian says:

          @Fahad Pathan
          We have implemented mail attachments, please check it out.
          We are still improving this we mail client. Please let us know if you have advices and questions

  219. aditya says:

    Good afternoon Sir/Madam,

    I am Aditya from Bangalore, Karnataka, India.
    I am a great fan of webuzz.im.
    I am really satisfied with your service.

    I am also like to chat through REDIFF BOL, an indian region based chat application.
    For a long time , rediff bol service is not good, that is, the chat room not opening in the rediff bol graphic user interface, so we unable to chat..

    There is now web based service from rediff bol authors.
    I request you , If possible, be the first website to add java based rediff bol chat services in your website webuzz.im


  220. Zhou Renjian says:

    Thanks for your feedback and request.
    We only learn to know about Rediff Bol from your comment. We just try to understand what Rediff Bol is.
    But we think we will not start adding Rediff Bol support in the near future. More requests from Rediff Bol users may help to put it on schedule.
    We are trying our best to make existed messenger services much better in these days.

  221. Arun Kumar says:

    In Webuzz gmail, many of the features doesn’t work like add cc, add bcc, deletion of email, forward with attachments, add attachment, etc.


  222. MK says:

    This feature-request website is now blocked by websense.

  223. Antonio Faria says:

    Hello, is there any plans to support SSL on wemail service? I don’t like the idea of putting my gmail credentials on a non-SSL site…

  224. Antonio Faria says:

    What about security? How can you assure us that our hotmail, gmail, aim, etc info will not be used by third-parties? I’m asking this after the gawker fiasco, when a group of hackers was able to bypass gawker servers security and get access to their user database. Do you store our account info on your servers, or is it only used during the session? Thanks

    • Zhou Renjian says:

      @Antonio Faria
      Thanks for your feedback.
      First, we do not record your password. Neither WeMail nor WeBuzz.IM remember password in server side. If you choose to remember password, the password is only remember in browser side.
      Second, the password remembered or the password transmitted to server will be encrypted before doing so. We use RSA algorithm (the same algorithm for SSL/HTTPS) to encrypt password. It means that even in worst case someone sniff or stolen your encrypted password he can not decrypt the original password, you still can change your password to keep yourself save.
      We are always taking account security into consideration while we are building the system.

  225. MARCELO says:

    I am not able to view my contacts in live messenger, I logged in, people see me online I do not see more. Can you help me?

  226. jyesj says:

    why cannot i make voice message or voice chat from google talk account when i place cursor on contact a windows appears showing option of call send file but these options are not highlighted so i cannot use them. Moreover the day i have used this service when from normal msn messenger it get disconnect itself says you have been signed from other location. someone has hack my account.

    • Zhou Renjian says:

      Voice chat is not supported. And file transfer is not supported yet.

      MSN being logged out saying being signed in from another location seems to be a bug, we will try to fix it in the future, thanks for reporting problems.

  227. Emma says:

    gtalk can group talking, but izuz can’t, only one by one
    How can I use group talking in izuz?
    thanks alot!

    • Zhou Renjian says:

      We haven’t implemented Group Chatting yet.
      Thanks for asking this feature. We will let you know if we implement this feature.

  228. Dave says:

    I love the idea but the page is SOO busy and cluttered its almost painful to use, It may be the OCD talking but is there any chance you could clean it up?

  229. Andrew says:

    Just would like to drop by and say “THANK YOU!”

  230. Mo says:

    I can not access my facebook so i wont be able to confirm my login what can i do then ?

  231. Zel says:

    The ability to add new friends to buddy-lists or send IMs to people not on your buddy-list would be a neat feature if possible.

  232. MC says:


    Altough I’ve removed many people from my friendlist and i am not seeing them in original msn, they are still exisiting in webuzz.im when I login here. Besides trying to remove them is not a solution because they are coming back at next login. Please fix it.

  233. Kora says:

    I have an older mac and it’s worked well so far but since I haven’t updated the OS some of the newer programs won’t work so I’m thankful for your site that lets me chat with everyone without having to download!

    The only suggestions I have is the sms messaging capable now through gmail, I didn’t see a way to do that on this site. The other idea is to allow a big chunk of blank space at the bottom of your page so we can enjoy the backgrounds.

    Thanks again!

    • Zhou Renjian says:

      Thanks for your feedback and suggestion.
      Currently, we do not support SMS feature for Gtalk.
      We will consider a better background support in future updates.

  234. bruce965 says:

    I’d like to use webuzz in a specific section of my website, but I have to change two things:
    1) Windows appearance (Current style doesn’t fit with my website);
    2) Upper-Left corner triangle, it covers menu button (I have to remove it or place it somewhere else).

    But, from the code, I can’t get to do that… Could someone tell me if it’s possible and, if it is, how?

    Section of my site: http://fabiogiopla.altervista.org/test/

  235. MLH says:

    Hi, there.

    Altough I removed from messenger, webuzz is still showing people in my friendlist at msn. Please fix this once and for all. Thanks for your attention.

  236. Tom says:

    Every thing loads fine, but i get an error and it locks up. (No login methods supported!) I’m on a Windows XP computer with 1gb of ram. any ideas, i just want to check mail at school.

  237. Wagner says:

    so falta o orkut blzz.
    parabens ficou show seu site.


  238. Richard says:

    @Tom – no problems from my end? Could it be a browser issue on your PC?

  239. Atul says:

    Pls let me know that how to accesss GMail through iziz.net/kexmail/lemondove etc because Gmail has been blocked in my office?


  240. Hi

    I have been using my gmail behind a fire wall environment for some months it was perfect but until recently i have found while sending mails through kexmail there is so many duplications of the mail sent even before the mail is sent.

    Browser used: Firefox
    if this could be fixed it would be wonderful



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